Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bolgen Vargas Resigns.

Bolgen Vargas, Rochester's school superintendent, resigned his position this afternoon.
It is really no big surprise. Vargas and the school board have been rubbing each other the wrong way for the last couple of years. It resulted in Vargas attempting to bring a lawsuit against the school board earlier this year. He dropped it, but acrimony remained on both sides.
Both he and they are unconcerned with the fact that their actions have continued to make the Rochester public school system the laughingstock of the state and the entire nation.
Neither side seems particularly embarrassed by this. They blame everyone else for their inability to lead or come up with innovative plans for improving the education offered in the city's public schools.
Both sides are only concerned with feathering their own nests, building their own systems of patronage and looking to move up the political food chain when the possibility presents itself.
Both sides are full of shit.
Even Mayor Warren herself didn't entrust the education of her child to them.
That says a lot about her opinion of them.
Vargas' position expires in June 2016, and the school board chose not to renew his contract.
His resignation might have had more impact had that fact not already been public knowledge. As it is, he seems merely to be bowing to the inevitable.
Rochester's school board will soon have a new acting superintendent to piss off: former Syracuse City School Superintendent Dan Lowengard will serve as an interim leader effective January 1.
I wish him good luck. He'll need it, especially if he wants to effect any sort of positive change in the school system in the wake of the cretins who comprise our school board.
As for Vargas, he's had a good, long and lucrative run in the field of what passes for education in Rochester these days. Hopefully he put a few bucks aside for a rainy day.
Affirmative action and political correctness have been berry, berry good to him.

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  1. The end results are: The Rochester City School District is still in the shithouse after the Vargas years; Rochester's taxpayers will buy off the rest of his contract, meaning he is getting paid to do nothing for six months; and the interim superintendent ( who will not become permanent, they say ) will be paid to sit with his thumb up his ass while the school board finds another patsy to replace Vargas.
    We should get rid of the fucking lot of them and try mayoral control over the city schools. Mayor Warren and her group of sycophants and mindless groupies couldn't do any worse.