Saturday, October 10, 2015

Banning firearms won't solve anything.

That's right.
In the wake of the recent uptick in gun violence across the United States, bleeding heart liberal assholes are calling for a ban on firearms. I'll bet that the mayor's office gets plenty of calls from concerned but misguided residents demanding that she do just that for the City of Rochester.
To underscore the point, Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C, chose to print the opinion of an equally liberal academic asshole from SUNY Brockport, Barbara LeSavoy. She is calling on the great black god Obama to ban firearms to cement his legacy of establishing a culture of peace and civility in the United States.
Clearly, this broad doesn't know what she is talking about.
How will banning guns do that?
The ban will merely piss off the vast majority of gun owners who are law abiding citizens. New gun control laws will have no effect on criminals who pay no attention to laws anyway. Nor are the state and federal governments willing or able to enforce what they have in place now.
Most firearms that criminals use to commit crimes were stolen from legitimate owners. People already prohibited by law from possessing firearms ( such as convicted criminals and people suffering from psychiatric problems ) seem to have no problem acquiring them because the current laws are not being enforced.
They will have no problem acquiring firearms, including assault weapons, if all guns are banned, because those weapons will still be out there, somewhere. Law abiding citizens won't seek them out. Criminals will.
That is the fact bleeding heart liberal assholes don't seem to understand. Nor do they understand that banning firearms will not make criminals more docile. It will not make criminals more respectful of the law. It will not change their twisted mental conditions. It will encourage them to find other ways to get around the law. It will not change a society that has been warped by fifty years of affirmative action.
What might work to dissuade these anti-social elements would be a mandatory, non-negotiable sentence of ten years or more for any criminal caught using a gun during the commission of his ( or her ) crime. That would come on top of whatever sentence a court of law bestowed on the criminal. It would be served consecutively, not concurrently. The criminal would be forced to serve every stinking minute of it.
Here's the rub. Bleeding heart liberal assholes wouldn't go for it because it has racial overtones. Conservatives would like the sound of it, but would refuse to pay for more prisons to separate these criminals from the law abiding society they prey upon. The parole boards wouldn't like it because it interferes with their god-priest-judge status, never mind the fact that most of recent murderers have been turned loose upon us by parole boards who felt that criminals had been punished enough.
The banning of firearms will only serve to give criminals yet another law to break. They will laugh at it. Breaking the law is their habit, hobby and pleasure.
And the great black god Obama won't be ushering in anything approaching a culture of peace and civility in the year he has left, despite LeSavoy's misplaced worship of him.

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