Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rachel, Rachel: Bronson beats the bimbo in the Demagogic primary.

That's right.
Aging television newscaster Rachel Barnhart was defeated in her attempt to unseat incumbent Harry Bronson for the 138th State Assembly seat tonight.
Nobody knows what prompted Barnhart to run for political office.
Perhaps Barnhart was hoping to use her local fame on television as did Rich Funke to defeat Ted O'Brien for his state senate seat two years ago.
It didn't work.
Barnhart isn't nearly as pretty as Rich Funke is.
She also miscalculated where the gay community is concerned.
Assembly District 138 includes Rochester's gay ghetto. Bronson, as an openly gay man, had that sewed up. Any hetero candidate who wants that district had better suck up to the gay community big time, literally and figuratively.
Elaine Spaull has been extremely successful in that respect.
If Barnhart counted on her being a woman to get the Lesbian vote, she was sadly mistaken. One of Bronson's main supporters was locally prominent diesel dyke Bess Watts.
In fact, Watts was Bronson's only supporter that Rochester's weekly liberal newsrag, City, bothered to interview when they threw their endorsement into his lap.
To do Barnhart some justice, she did manage to scare the shit out of Bronson. He wasn't expecting to be challenged for his own party's endorsement and was put into attack mode earlier than he would have liked.
Now that his adrenalin is flowing, he can easily go on to defeat his Republican challenger in the general election, two time loser Peterson Vazquez.
Vazquez won his primary tonight by a handful of votes. He can now go on to becoming a three time loser, since Bronson beat the shit out of him twice before.
Some people never learn.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Don't drink and drive this holiday weekend. You might hit a bump and spill it.

The cops will be out in full force this Labor Day weekend.
Any time there is a three day holiday weekend, the Rochester Police department announces that they will beef up their road details to check for DWIs.
This is standard procedure. It shows that law enforcement is concerned about protecting us from drunks driving along our city streets after too much partying. I suppose that this reassures jay walkers who cross streets and dart out into traffic wherever it suits them, rather than crossing at the crosswalk.
It didn't prevent two dipshits from having a drag race up Lake Avenue the other night. They accidentally killed a pedestrian who was crossing the street.
It also pulls police away from their usual details, which allows certain people to shoot, stab and kill other people with less than normal supervision.
That, too, has been happening in Rochester this holiday weekend, which is only one third over at the time of this writing. More will come.
Come to think of it, those human animals shoot, stab and kill people in Rochester at any time of the year, regardless of the season.
Nothing and nobody is capable of preventing that.
One thing is certain: If you get caught by the cops after being too festive this weekend, you won't get off as easily as did ex deputy mayor Leonard Redon, finance director Charles Benincasa and city court judge Leticia Astacio.
Unless, of course, you're some big shot politician or local celebrity. Outside of a little embarrassing publicity, you'll get nothing worse than a slap on the wrist.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Whatever happened to Leonard Redon? He's still alive and well and working at City Hall.

That's right.
Leonard Redon resigned or retired as deputy mayor a few months ago. He said that he'd been treated for cancer over the last year and felt that it was time to take care of himself.
Redon hadn't been seen much around the City of Rochester after his arrest for DWI two and a half years ago.
So, how has Redon been taking care of himself since he stepped down as deputy mayor?
Why, being appointed to a position in the Warren administration that never previously existed.
Redon is now Special Assistant to the Deputy Mayor, complete with a salary and his own office hidden away at City Hall. Perhaps the new deputy mayor, Carlos Carballada, just can't hack it on his own and needed more than just his personal assistant to handle the rigors of his office.
What exactly does his new position in city government entail? Who knows? It is, after all, supposed to be a secret.
It is gratifying to know that the now you see him, now you don't ex deputy mayor is taking care of himself very well. And is still on the city payroll.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Dere go da judge: Astacio guilty of DWI.

That's right.
Judge Leticia Astacio was finally convicted of DWI for an incident that occurred in February, 2016.
I've already blogged about that.
According to the D&C, Canandaigua City Court Judge Stephen Aronson issued his ruling and sentenced Astacio to a one-year conditional discharge. She also will lose her driver's license for six months, must have an ignition interlock installed on her vehicle and pay fines and surcharges.
He didn't believe her story, or rather, her defense attorney's story, that she wasn't driving drunk and that no crash had occurred.
Ed Fiandach never explained about the flat tires, the extensive front end damage to her vehicle or her behavior towards the state trooper who investigated the scene and questioned her.
Fiandach would have us believe that they were all figments of Trooper Chris Kowalski's imagination.
Astacio will appeal her conviction, of course.
Regardless of whether she appeals or not, if she keeps her nose clean for a year, her conviction will be expunged from her record. It won't be expunged from the memories of the good citizens of our fair city. That is something that nobody can legislate in America. Yet.
She got off light, since there's really no way to remove her from her position as City Court Judge.
Nobody ever expected that Astacio would do jail time, either. Orange jump suits just aren't her color.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rochester's latest black comedy: The misguided antics of the feral cat lady.

When people don't get their way when they have a problem with government, they usually threaten to go to the media with it.
That is blackmail.
If there is nothing newsworthy going on in the area, the media might devote a few lines of copy devoted to human interest stories. The stories might be cutsie poo, and invite public comment.
Such is the tale of Janine Wagner, the feral cat lady from Irondequoit.
Ms. Wagner makes it her mission to come into the City of Rochester and set up shelters for feral cats on abandoned properties. She also feeds them.
Apparently there are no feral cats in her Town of Irondequoit that she could succor.
Her actions are illegal.
Ms. Wagner doesn't own the properties in the city where she set up her cat shelters and cat feeders. Nor did she get the permission of the property owners. That is trespassing and dumping; both are illegal.
The cat feeders also attracted vermin and wildlife: rats, skunks and raccoons. The cats have also chosen to move into the vacant houses to be near their food source, befouling the property with shit and piss. Our hot summer has magnified the problem of the stench. It's bad enough that some people live near abandoned and uncared for properties without that added problem.
Moreover, since the cats now depend on regular meals provided by Ms. Wagner, they don't need to chase away the rats and other wildlife. Most predators only kill when hungry and the feral cat lady's generosity has eliminated that.
Ms. Wagner and her supporters couldn't care less about the effect their generosity has had on the human neighbors of those properties. They are too busy patting each other on the back to care about humans.
It was those humans who got angry with Ms. Wagner and took their complaints to the county.
Unfortunately for Ms. Wagner, the City of Rochester was forced to remove those cat shelters on orders from the Monroe County Health Department.
That pissed off Ms. Wagner, who stated that she will continue to feed feral cats on those properties, where she has no legal right to be in the first place.
She also plans to replace the cat shelters on those properties, without anyone's permission, least of all the neighbors of those properties.
Her addlepated allies want the City of Rochester to compensate Ms. Wagner for the money she spent on those cat shelters, which had no business being on property she doesn't own.
That isn't going to happen.
But it made for interesting reading.
I wonder what the Town of Irondequoit would do if Ms. Wagner pulled her stunt there?
It's bad enough that some slumlords don't care about their properties and the negative effects they have on neighborhoods without Ms. Wagner's antics adding to it.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The 2017 campaign for Mayor of Rochester has already begun.

That's right.
For months, the notorious Molly Clifford has been stating that her political comments have had nothing to do with her seeking higher elected office next year.
Her tepid statements have been totally unconvincing. She doesn't want people to really believe that she won't run for mayor next year, because she has been building up her support base, specifically among the labor unions, for just such a run. At the same time, Clifford didn't want to alert the Warren administration to her obvious intention of replacing the current mayor. She thought she would surprise Mayor Warren, and the white queen would sweep the black queen from the board.
Unfortunately for Clifford, Mayor Warren and her cronies have been wary of her from the start. The hostility between the two queens and their factions has become an amusing public spectacle.
The latest episode of this black comedy has been the op-ed framed by the white queen and published in the D&C. It criticized the lack of communication between the black queen's faction and the white queen's regarding union contracts involved in the school modernization plan.
It is hardly curious that not one black city councilman signed it. Only the white elitist members ( and their indispensable Hispanic ally, Jackie Ortiz ) did.
Adam McFadden found it necessary to point out that phase one of the contracts did not live up to their object of women and minority hiring.
McFadden pointed out that UNICOM received at least a million dollars worth of labor contracts under phase one. He also pointed out that Clifford's boy toy Ken Warner is one of UNICOM's top bananas. UNICOM, and therefore the boy toy and Clifford, stand to lose out financially if the contracts for phase two are rejected.
Personal interest is therefore Clifford's motivating factor regarding these labor contracts, as it is for those city councilmen who co-signed her op-ed: They all had union support in getting elected and now might not be able to repay those unions with lucrative construction contracts.
The City of Rochester, meaning the rest of us, doesn't count for shit in their schemings.
What is also clear is that the campaign for mayor will clearly be featuring race and racism as an issue, illustrated by the color of the two queens.
The black queen and the white queen will be fighting to the death.
It's going to be a lot of fun.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Richards dumped as chairman of the school modernization board. Clifford has a hissy fit at City Council.

Politics in Rochester has been rather boring during our long, hot summer.
Most energy has been wasted upon the presidential election, debating the relative merits of electing one or the other of the most evil people the two major political parties have ever puked up for the delectation of American voters: Clinton's Bitch or The Donald.
Concern about local crime, murders and police arrests of disobedient protesters pass into collective oblivion almost as soon as they make the front page of the local newsrag, the D&C.
Last night, local politics heated up again. Ex mayor Tom Richards was ousted as chairman of the school modernization board. The majority of that board didn't trust his leadership to supervise a $1.3 billion modernization plan for the Rochester City School District.
Replacing Richards is Allen Williams, Mayor Warren's director of special projects. Nobody knows exactly what Williams' job is in the Warren administration, not even most people at City Hall.
The reason for Richards' ouster is the union contracts involved in the modernization plan.
The D&C stated "At issue in the vote was whether a similar agreement for the project’s Phase I was successful. Only five women or minority apprentices ended up working on Phase I as a result of that agreement, although larger goals for minority hiring were met. More than 20 percent of all workers in Phase I were minorities."
Richards wanted to keep the union agreements intact. The unions backed both him and the notorious Molly Clifford, after all. He and she owe them. Big time.
Williams did not, and so he replaced Richards as chairman.
Richards might take this as a sign that it is time for him to retire. He only took the appointment to the board to stick it to the mayor, to get back at her for beating him in the 2013 election.
But there is more to this story.
At last night's monthly city council meeting, Clifford needed to vent publicly about those union contracts.
She was put promptly into her place by Adam McFadden, who equally publicly stated how those union contracts had failed.
Carolee Conklin eventually jumped in to break up the fight and referee, while Mayor Warren put an end to Clifford's hissy fit by tartly stating that her concerns had been noted.
It was odd that the D&C never bothered to make any mention of that in their newsrag.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Demagogic National Convention: Taxi to the toilet.

Taxi Zum Klo is a late 1970s German autobiographical docudrama/art film.
It is semi-pornographic, at least for two and a half minutes, anyway.
It depicts the life of a gay German schoolteacher from Berlin.
In one scene, the hero sneaks out of a hospital where he is being treated for hepatitis. He stuffs his hospital gown into his pants, puts on his coat and leaves via a side entrance.
Hiring a taxi, our hero heads toward a local public toilet, which is a well known cruising spot for gay men. With the meter still running, he heads inside to await a potential trick.
Eventually another man arrives, seems interested and our hero drops trow. The trick sees that our hero is wearing a hospital gown and realizes that something is very wrong. With a wry smile, he backs off and leaves our hero with his pants down.
Last night at the Demagogic National Convention, delegates from all over the nation taxied to the toilet in Philadelphia. Unlike the trick in the film, they openly embraced their chancred whore.
The Republicans did the same last week.
The two major political parties have proved that there are no creatures so low and disgusting that they cannot put on a pedestal and have Americans wholeheartedly approve of them for the highest office in the land.
Either the Donald or HillBilly will become president in November.
Americans will be taking the taxi to the toilet regardless of which of them wins.
This country is going to get exactly what it deserves.

Friday, July 15, 2016

ALL lives matter.

That's right.
After hearing so much bullshit about the "Black Lives Matter" rally last Friday night and the civil disobedience it produced afterwards, I have to say that ALL lives matter.
I am not a two-faced politician pretending to be politically correct to get re elected.
I am not the owner of a business like "Sticky Lips" to fear retribution and retaliation from the black community for not beating my chest and crying mea culpa for daring to say ALL lives matter.
I have little or no respect left for the clergy in general, especially those who preach politics from their pulpits, to have any serious regard for what they have to say on this or most other matters.
Churches should be taxed, anyway. They clearly don't believe in the separation of church and state, except where their tax free status is concerned.
The "Black Lives Matter" rally began peacefully enough on Friday afternoon, July 8.
All Hell broke loose only when it ended, and its leaders decided to take their protest from the Liberty Pole to East Avenue, blocking the street, congesting traffic and interfering with the patrons of the many fine drinking establishments located on that strip.
That is when the cops moved in, wearing full riot gear, and began arresting people who chose not to heed the order to disperse.
And objects were thrown at the police. Later videos showed that.
The protesters who were blocking the streets and interfering with traffic denied any such thing occurred.
Seventy-odd people were arrested, many of whom were white sympathizers. They are now all crying "Foul."
Never mind the fact that they knowingly broke the law. Which is what the organizers of the rally counted on. They wanted a confrontation with the police. When the rally proved to be too peaceful and didn't attract enough local attention to suit them, they chose an action guaranteed to produce a reaction from the police.
They got it, too.
And plenty of press coverage the world over.
So what are they bitching about?
Why, because the mayor and the police chief didn't fall all over themselves in anguish over the arrests.
Because most of Rochester didn't care about law breakers being arrested.
Because they are being regarded as nothing more than nuisances that had to be chastised and taught a lesson.
There will be no revolution in Rochester in support of the likes of them.
If "Black Lives Matter," they might want to practice it within their own community. Most of Rochester's murders have been black on black, something their ministers never cease to refrain from mentioning.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bernie wusses out.

But then, you've already heard about that.
Since the beginning of his campaign, Bernie correctly pointed out what a lying bitch HillBilly is.
And now he sold his soul to her. In return, Bernie will receive a high appointment in her presidential administration. If she gets in.
Of course, for some strange reason only known to the equally corrupt Democratic National Committee, the challenger has to endorse the party favorite in order to continue onto the national convention. Which Bernie never bothered to mention before his capitulation.
So now he is allowed to participate in the convention after sullying his reputation.
I truly do not believe he had to do it. But he chose to.
He is already contemplating writing a book about this year's campaign. Bernie had better do it quickly, while he's still an object of curiosity and publishers are still willing to pay big bucks for it. Before Bernie's fans realize how dismally he betrayed them.
Because that is what Bernie did.
He merely reinforces the belief that many Americans have that all politicians are liars, cheats and con artists.
Bernie had me fooled.
That leaves the road to the White House open to two of the most evil political figures of our time: Clinton's Bitch or The Donald.
The differences between them are pretty thin.
I won't vote for either of them.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

And more on a gambling casino in downtown Rochester.

The debate on establishing a gambling casino in downtown Rochester is heating up.
A group that for whatever reason calls itself "A Better Rochester" dumped a petition off at City Hall today, demanding that the city abandon considering setting up a Native American-run casino anywhere in Rochester. Not just downtown.
Here comes the irony and the hypocrisy: "A Better Rochester" is being bankrolled by gaming interests that already run betting parlors across the state of New York, such as de Lago, Finger Lakes Gaming and Racing Track and Batavia Downs.
Does that mean that the established gaming interests are seeing the error of their ways?
Hell no.
They simply want Native American casinos banned in Rochester. Such a casino might cut into their own hefty profits by diverting gamblers from their own venues.
Greedy motherfuckers.
Such a ban on Native American-run casinos wouldn't prevent them from attempting to open one in downtown Rochester.
That's the real issue.
They couldn't care less about the negative effects a gambling casino would have on Rochester, as long as the casino in question is theirs.
This is something that their paid mouth-piece, Scott Gaddy ( remember him? ) has never ceased to fail to mention.
He is only bitching about the negative effects a Native American-run casino will have on Rochester, not other gambling establishments.
He should. They're paying him enough to.
"A Better Rochester" can draft as many petitions as they like, demanding that such a casino be banned in Rochester. It is illegal for the city to do that, as gambling is controlled by the state. The petitioners would need to direct their efforts to Albany.
The stupidest thing about this debate is that everyone but Mayor Warren's administration is talking about it. Mayor Warren is simply seeking developers to submit proposals.
Tom Wilmot, one of the men who bankrolls "A Better Rochester" and owns del Lago Resort and Casino, submitted a rough proposal to City Hall last month.
The people who signed his petition should have the word "Sucker" tattooed on their foreheads.
And both of Gaddy and Wilmot's two faces are showing. Neither is very pretty.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Edgewater Resources failed to meet the city's deadline to secure financing. That project is dead.

That's right.
The development featuring a hotel, condos and boutiques at the Port of Rochester always hinged on Edgewater Resources securing the funding to complete the project. That was always stated by the city.
The Charlatans were too busy working themselves into a frenzy the last few years to be able to remember that.
They were having too much fun making asses of themselves to come up with a development plan of their own.
Today, when Edgewater asked for an additional nine months to secure funding, the city said "no."
That spells an end to this particular development plan, but it does not mean there is an end for plans to develop Charlotte.
The city will seek other development partners to redecorate the Port of Rochester, preferably partners with enough money to see it through.
The Charlatans ought to remember that if they are getting festive tonight.
It isn't over yet, not by a long shot.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Update: The little black bear was caught up a tree at RIT.

The little black bear that has caused such an uproar of media interest was caught today. He had been roaming Rochester's suburbs for a few days.
He was caught up a tree on the grounds of Rochester Institute of Technology and brought down with an anaesthetizing dart.
Branches on the tree broke his fall, and he will be sent back to the forests.
The bear's age was estimated at one year old, little more than a cub.
No deaths or injuries have been attributed to the little black bear during his hike.
On the other hand, the murderous thugs that roam Rochester's ghetto streets have not been caught yet.
But then, thugs look exactly like the people they prey upon.
Ironic, isn't it?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

There's a little black bear roaming the suburbs. Big deal.

That's right.
A little black bear has been spotted in two of Rochester's suburbs over the last two days.
In the mean time, little thugs have been shooting and killing each other in the city of Rochester for years. In the last three days, there have been three shootings on Hague Street alone.
That doesn't count the shooting murder near School 54 last week, or the stabbing on Emerson Street this weekend, or those from the previous week.
Those locations are within spitting distance of each other, and are the usual venues for such activity on Rochester's west side.
It is also near Lyell Avenue, Prostitution Central of Rochester, New York.
But that is a different blog.
Ultimately, the little black bear will be cornered, anaesthetized and released in some forest in the Southern Tier from whence it came.
The little thugs might be caught, spend a little time behind bars and then turned loose into the neighborhoods where they do their drug deals, shootings and killings.
Political correctness requires it, so there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do about them, except perhaps hope that they all kill each other off.
I am less frightened of a little black bear in my backyard than I am of the little thugs that roam our streets.
Besides being dangerous, they're a bloody fucking embarrassment. Except to their mommas, daddies and baby mommas.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The gay massacre in Orlando: Don't blame a whole religion because of a few nuts.

That's right.
There are plenty of Fundamentalist Christians floating around out there who believe that all gays should be killed or converted to heterosexuality. Or that they should go back into their closets and hide.
All religions are oppressive by nature, demanding obedience to outmoded beliefs and behavior patterns, promising heaven in return.
Heaven, of course, is an unseen and unknown place that good people go to after they die if they've followed the dictates of their religious leaders.
Frequently, religion works hand in hand with politics and the state to impose oppressive beliefs on the rank and file, condemning them to hell and/or prison for objecting to these controls. This is a deadly combination from which even the United States is not immune.
On the other hand, many good people object to the violence, cruelty and fear that organized religions institutionalize for their survival. They are generally harmless, although sympathetic on occasion, and unwilling to protest too loudly out of fear of retribution.
It's the oddball extremists who raise the bar on cruelty, like Omar Mateen.
Mateen was American born, though of Muslim descent. He also had a history of trouble, and had been scrutinized by the FBI for some time.
That didn't prevent him from getting an assault weapon by legal means, which suggests that the people who oversee such purchases need more stringent guidelines.
Which would piss off devoted gun lovers who see such restrictions as a violation of their constitutional rights.
Like that Sarah Palin bitch.
The FBI has come up with some half-hearted explanations as to why their surveillance of Mateen didn't prevent him from legally purchasing a military assault weapon. Perhaps they were hoping that he would lead them to bigger fish to fry than Mateen alone.
Then, oops.
As for the massacre, Mateen worked alone. He was upset by the sight of two men kissing some days before and decided to commit a "propaganda of the deed" action that left more than fifty people dead.
He probably knew that he wouldn't survive, but what did that matter? He was willing to pay the supreme price to strike a blow against people that he felt had no right to live.
Plenty of Fundamentalist Christian extremists feel the same way.
Most Muslims, like most Christians and most Jews, are not an evil lot. They want to left alone to practice their religions in peace and quiet, whatever their inclinations toward the gay community.
It's the extremist nuts who kill and make trouble for the rest of them that are to be feared.
Unfortunately, many people are too stupid, hateful and fearful to understand that.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

A gambling casino in downtown Rochester? The real reasons to be concerned.

I don't care if people gamble or not.
Most people do, whether by playing the lottery or the football pools offered by most bars in the city.
I don't care if people choose to bankrupt themselves as a result of gambling. It isn't government's function to protect people from their own stupidity, although some bleeding heart liberals feel that it is.
As for a gambling casino in downtown Rochester, that is a different matter.
The way I understand it, gambling casinos in New York State are only permitted on Native American soil. Land in downtown Rochester designated for a casino would have to be ceded back to whichever Indian Nation claims jurisdiction here.
Sovereign Native American territory is not subject to usual taxation, so the city, state and federal governments would not be able to impose taxes on it that other businesses are subject to paying.
That is a problem for the rest of us taxpayers who will have to take up the slack.
Casinos in New York State are self contained. Besides gambling, they offer restaurants, entertainment, boutiques and hotel accommodations. This will not benefit the other businesses downtown.
The City of Niagara Falls, USA has not benefitted from the existence of a casino there. It remains a city in decay and Rochester should pay heed to that less than shining example.
The only benefit a casino in downtown Rochester will bring is jobs, which won't make up for the loss in tax revenue.
Of course, the promoters of a casino argue that we could negotiate all of that with whichever Indian Nation will own it.
Negotiating with the Indian Reservations that sell items like cigarettes and gasoline tax free hasn't worked so far, so why do people think this will be any different?
If a gambling casino opened in downtown Rochester that was subject to the usual property and sales taxes that the rest of us are, I'd say "Hell yes, go on with it."
Not that I'd patronize it.
Lotto, football pools and penny ante poker are good enough for me.

Friday, June 3, 2016

There go da judge: Astacio doesn't want a jury trial in fighting her DWI arrest.

That's right.
Judge Leticia Astacio doesn't want to be tried by a jury of her peers in fighting her DWI arrest.
Astacio's arrest occurred on Saturday, February 13. She has already pleaded "not guilty" to a misdemeanor DWI charge in March and had her license suspended.
You might want to scroll down and see my previous blogs on the subject.
The case is already being treated as "special" with a change of venue from the City of
Rochester. Canandaigua City Court Judge Stephen Aronson will be deciding on the validity of the arrest at a bench trial in August, to avoid what the D&C has described as a conflict of interest.
Nobody has explained exactly how trying Astacio in the Rochester courts would constitute a conflict of interest, especially since Canandaigua receives the Rochester D&C and is aware of the facts that our local newsrag has chosen to make public.
Simply put, Astacio does not want to be subjected to the same legal process that is deemed good enough for the rest of us. She doesn't trust the judgment of the people. She knows them too well.
At the same time, her legal problems will continue to be a subject of media scrutiny and public amusement.
It's a pity that Leonard Redon and Charlie Benincasa didn't pull this stunt and ask for a change of venue when they were picked up for DWI.
But then, they were smart enough to take their lumps and put it behind them.
Unlike Astacio.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bill Reilich shoots off his big mouth again. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Bill Reilich, the porcine Obergruppenführer of the Monroe County GOP, just isn't able to keep his big fat mouth shut.
Having stirred up a hornet's nest with his incredibly stupid comments about County Clerk Adam Bello over I-Square, Reilich has now found it necessary to comment about "irregularities" involving the MCDC's campaign funds.
The Monroe Demagogues were subpoenaed about the illegal transfer of campaign funs to then state senator Ted O'Brien's re election campaign. O'Brien lost, anyway, and refuses to answer questions about it.
Reilich is quoted by the D&C as saying "The fact that an entity could come in and deposit that large of a sum of money with the instructions specifically to give it to a candidate only for the purpose of circumventing the election law, is just wrong."
He later released a statement indicating that Monroe County Republicans filed a complaint about the donations with the state Board of Elections.
At the same time, his Republicans, who control the Monroe County Legislature, have blocked repeated Demagogic demands for investigations into ROBUTRAD, the LDC scandal, COMIDA and the I-Square mess.
Reilich doesn't have to look further than his own party to talk about corruption.
He's just a hypocrite.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cheryl DiNolfo's press conference: Out of the mouth of this babe came drooling.

Republican tough titty Monroe County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo held another press conference about COMIDA and the I-Square mess on Tuesday.
It was clearly a bad hair day for her.
Her usually perfect coiffure was disheveled. Her usually perfect make-up was over done and made her look tired. And much older. Her usually self-assured arrogant pose was replaced by one of confusion and desperate sadness.
Of course, that was all staged.
DiNolfo was using traditional feminine wiles to say "I'm just a poor woman who was betrayed and left holding the bag," looking distraught and stumbling off of the podium.
Everybody laugh.
Politicians are supposed to be asexual. We are not supposed to consider if politicians have tits, cunts or cocks. Yet when they are caught with their pants down, they proclaim their integrity by resorting to roles prescribed by their gender.
Males will pound their fists and bluster; females will use the "I'm only a woman, after all" routine.
Those ploys are wearing thin in the case of the I-Square mess.
Unfortunately, DiNolfo's press conference didn't shed any new light on the scandal.
She reiterated that her old pet, Justin Roj, was responsible for telling tales that created the crisis and that she didn't know the truth of the matter until later.
What she didn't say was that Roj would never have acted without her tacit permission, which is probably the real truth. That's why he had to be sacrificed.
What she didn't do was criticize Republican party boss and Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich for using Roj's information to blast newly appointed Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello.
She didn't dare; the porcine Reilich is too powerful for her to blame for this mess. And DiNolfo owes him too much, anyway, to bite the hand that fed her.
Not that Reilich is grateful for such misplaced sentimental loyalty shown him by DiNolfo. He would throw her to the wolves anytime it suited his merciless fancy.
Reilich probably demanded that Roj provide him with information so he could stick it to Bello. Roj, good Republican functionary that he is ( or was ), had no choice but to comply.
What she did say was that, as county executive, she is responsible for whatever occurs during her watch, while trying to excuse herself from that responsibility at the same time.
The reality is this: Reilich controls DiNolfo and Roj. When the shit hit the fan, Roj had to be sacrificed to protect Reilich. When that didn't bring an end to the I-Square mess and with the COMIDA board bailing out right and left, DiNolfo had to humiliate herself with Tuesday's press conference to protect Reilich.
Her desperate action won't bring an end to the scandal.
DiNolfo did say that she was sorry, which translates to "I'm sorry we got caught."
The biggest joke of all was that DiNolfo referred to the press as "My friends in the media."
Rochester's liberal media would like to see her vital organs resting on a bed of lettuce.
DiNolfo a la mode.

Monday, May 23, 2016

COMIDA: And another one bites the dust.

Eugene Caccamise is the fourth member of COMIDA's board to resign in less than a week.
That leaves three of the seven member board remaining.
For how long, who knows?
COMIDA has been rotten for a very long time. COMIDA's board has been able to laugh off suggestions of underhanded dealings in the past with no real threats to the members' questionable reputations.
Unfortunately, County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo and Monroe County GOP Chairman Bill Reilich haven't been able to sweep this under the rug to anyone's satisfaction.
Except their own.
Which is why four of the seven person board have left.
Had the spin control doctors been able to successfully lie their way through this mess, those four board members would have breathed a collective sigh of relief and stayed put.
They would have said "See, nothing is wrong."
That's not happening, and they're afraid that continuing their association with COMIDA will make them look bad to other influence peddlers or people coming to them to play "Let's Make a Deal."
The I-Square flap has gotten out of control and they don't want to go down with the ship.
Hence their resignations.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mark Siwiec resigns from COMIDA over the I-Square flap. Big deal.

That's right.
Nothnagle realtor Mark Siwiec, stellar light of the MCDC's lavender caucus, resigned from the Republican dominated COMIDA Board last night.
As a dyed in the wool Demagogue, he never really fit in with them, anyway.
COMIDA has had a shabby reputation for a long, long time. Siwiec was appointed to its board only in 2014. He willingly accepted his appointment to that body, regardless of its reputation. Perhaps he thought it would help boost his real estate sales.
I have already blogged about the I-Square mess. You might wish to scroll down and read those previous blogs.
COMIDA now says that the owners of I-Square are not in default, which is supposed to make everything all better.
It hasn't.
All COMIDA's statement has done is to confirm most people's suspicions that something is fishy there. With their curiosity already whetted, people would like to know more.
Hence Siwiec's departure, and his statement quoted from Rochester's liberal newsrag the D&C: "Unfortunately recent events have called into question my personal integrity and that of my colleagues on the board."
Really? His "personal integrity?"
That ship sailed a long time ago.
Siwiec is no ingénue in the game of politics. He knew what he was getting into when he willingly accepted his appointment to COMIDA's board.
He also knows enough to leave before it blows up in everyone's face because the I-Square flap just isn't going to go away.
And, as a member of the board, just how much does Siwiec know about the I-Square mess?
His departure won't change anything there.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Update: Carlos Carballada is named deputy mayor.

Looks like Mayor Lovely Warren is into recycling.
Carlos Carballada was appointed deputy mayor this afternoon. He starts in June.
Carballada was touted by Mayor Warren as having experience in city government.
That's true enough.
He was a fixture in the Doofus and Richards administrations.
Toilet bowls are also referred to as "fixtures."
He was acting mayor from January to April 2011, during the succession crisis and special election that year.
Carballada is also a publicly acknowledged perjurer. That has never been a hindrance in politics.
He was also the commissioner for neighborhood and business development, overseeing the continuing decay of Rochester.
Good choice, Mayor Warren.

Rochester's deputy mayor resigns after being invisible for two years.

Rochester's deputy mayor, Leonard Redon, resigned yesterday.
Damned well about time.
Nobody has seen him around Rochester much in the last two years, anyway. Not since he got his ass busted for DWI in late winter 2014.
That was merely yet another scandal for the new Warren administration to swallow and brush aside.
Every so often, at a big public event that the mayor couldn't be bothered to attend, you'd see Redon there. Then he would disappear again.
You could find him in his office only rarely. Phone messages to Redon went unanswered. Appointments with the deputy mayor were either cancelled or constituents were fobbed off on other officials who were doing Redon's job.
I assumed that he was in and out of rehab, drying out.
People began to wonder if he was still alive.
Yesterday, Redon announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer a year ago. That is the reason for his resigning at this time.
I am truly sorry that Redon has cancer.
I am also truly sorry that Redon didn't announce that fact a year ago and either go on sick leave or resign at that time.
The reason is simple: had he done either of those things, he would have lost his annual six figure income.
It was better for him to let other people handle his job while he was being treated for the disease and getting paid for it.
It underscores the opaque nature of the Warren administration's "transparency." They didn't want anyone outside of City Hall to know what was really going on, or that taxpayers were paying for a position that was effectively vacant.
Now that Redon has departed, the next question is: who will Mayor Warren appoint as her new deputy mayor?
Anyone she appoints will need to have David Gantt's seal of approval, like Scott Gaddy. Gaddy was supposedly looking for a residence in Rochester last year and said that he wasn't seeking an elected position.
The office of deputy mayor is one by appointment, not by election.
What better choice could Mayor Warren make than David Gantt's "son" and therefore her own "brother?"
We'll see.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Lilac Festival. It's a shame nobody bothered to photograph the flasher.

The local news media is making much too much over the events at the Lilac Festival last weekend.
Ten people got arrested there Saturday. Seven of them were punk kids. One adult flasher was also apprehended.
Big deal.
Hundreds of people have been involved in brawls at Ontario Beach Park during summer events there over the years.
The only interesting thing about the arrests involving the punk kids on Saturday were the photos of one girlie getting handcuffed by the cops while another girlie was puking her brains out. Those babes got their fifteen seconds worth of fame, and are probably posting those photos in their family albums.
Rochester institution Nick Tahou's also got into the act. They were ticketed because their employees didn't wear identification tags. They are now threatening to boycott the Lilac Festival forever more.
Now that's a step in the right direction.
Tahou's is famous for its aptly named "garbage plate," which consists of your choice of meat, fries and mac salad covered with liberal helpings of greasy meat sauce. It's deadly stuff, but Rochesterians claim that they love it.
Perhaps that's what the girlie was puking up when she was photographed.
The problem with the Lilac Festival is that it has become a carnival over the last few decades. The lilacs have taken second place to the greasy food merchants and junk peddlers that dominate the festival. The musical entertainment, such as it is, is geared to the sort of punks that the officials now want to keep out of the festival unless accompanied by a parent.
The solution to these rather mundane and picayune problems is very simple: Return the festival to a simpler, gentler, less hectic time and concentrate only on the lilacs ( and the pansy bed, and the rhododendrons ).
Get rid of the food and junk peddlers. They can sell their shit at all of the arts and crafts festivals the city sponsors during the summer. They do, too.
If there must be music, we have the world renowned Rochester Philharmonic and the students of the Eastman and Hochstein schools of music that could perform. It isn't the sort of music that attracts punks.
Horse and buggy rides could also provide some low key excitement.
In short, make it a pleasant, easy paced event for people who want to stroll, sniff and stare. Do that, and the punks won't want to come to the Lilac Festival, so there will be no problem keeping them out. They'll look for someplace more exciting to cause trouble at.
But no.
The city and the county make too much money issuing permits to seriously want to change anything. The smell of frying grease masks the scent of the lilacs; the shitty knick-knacks for sale compete with the beauty of nature. It's a sign of temporary economic prosperity.
The Lilac Festival has become just plain tacky. Rochester likes tacky.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The last of the LDC crooks are sentenced. One and only one will do jail time.

That's right.
Only one of the four major crooks is going to jail.
Ex County Executive Maggie Brooks' husband, Bob Wiesner, already received his conditional discharge.
Ex Monroe County chief information officer Nelson Rivera got five years' probation and a $60,000 fine. That sad assed bastard only got a few trips out of his involvement in this scam to screw Monroe county's taxpayers, which makes one wonder if his head is screwed on properly.
John Maggio, one of Navitech's partners, got a conditional discharge, must pay $350,000 in restitution and do 200 hours in community service as a book keeper or accountant for a charity.
Whichever charity gets the use of his services had better watch out.
Navitech is the management company that landed lucrative county contracts.
Only Daniel Lynch, the other Navitech partner is going to jail, where he will spend 2 and 1/3 to 7 years. He's also getting hit with a $600,000 fine, $400,000 which will be going to the county. Lynch has already paid most of it.
Imagine having that much money in the bank.
On Friday, Acting Monroe County Court Justice Dennis Kehoe fingered Lynch as the prime mover in the scam.
I doubt if that's the case.
In our wonderful justice system, the relatively small fry are usually thrown to the wolves.
Wiesner, Rivera and Maggio, with their impeccable connections to Monroe County GOP Chairman Bill Reilich, ex County Executive Maggie Brooks and current County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo, were spared imprisonment. They were subjected only to public humiliation and, in Wiesner's case, a paltry fine.
Since none of them have any shame anyway, that wasn't much.
In Maggie's case, association with her husband's guilt didn't prevent her from landing a cushy job at RTS after her term of office expired.
Of that sordid lot, only Lynch will go to jail. It won't be Attica. It will probably be one of those resort prisons reserved for the upper classes, like Club Fed of Watergate fame.
Even there, Lynch might want to be careful when he's going down for the soap, and not be too flattered when a fellow inmate tells him that he has a pretty mouth.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Both political parties in Rochester have dirt on their faces.

It is no surprise that the Republican dominated Monroe County Legislature shot down a Demagogic demand that COMIDA be investigated. This was a result of the I-Square scandal, which is merely the latest example of the Republicans playing footsie with COMIDA, not to mention ROBUTRAD.
The relationship between the Republicans and COMIDA is perverted and incestuous. The Republicans did not want any further investigation into their baby, since COMIDA usually provides open-air, white collar relief for the cronies of high ranking members of the local GOP.
Of course, this flies in the face of County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo's oft repeated intention of creating an Office of Public Integrity. The lady does not want anything approaching real transparency involving county government. Too much would come out that, in Third World countries, would earn she and her cronies places in front of a firing squad.
On the other hand, the MCDC also has been caught with questionable practices involving their finances and juggling campaign contributions. Some of these actions are illegal.
That rogues' gallery consists of:
Ex state senator Ted O'Brien. The committee's campaign contribution's were shifted to O'Brien's losing campaign against now-senator Rich Funke. O'Brien now works for the local office of the State Attorney General and refuses to answer any questions about it.
Ex MCDC chairman Dave Garretson. It was during his ever so brief tenure as chairman that the illegal shifting of funds took place, which couldn't have occurred without his approval.
Stupid little girl Jamie Romeo, current MCDC chairwoman. She was Senator O'Brien's office manager ( for two years ) during his failed bid for re-election and sort of ran his first campaign two years previously, and of course knows nothing.
She never did.
The Republicans are also guilty of this practice. But then, nobody expects any better of the Monroe County GOP.
The best description of this dirt on the Demagogues can be found in the D&C's article by David Andreatta: "Something Fishy in Monroe Democrats' Coffers."
The iconoclastic Andreatta is probably the only well-balanced reporter on the staff of that liberal newsrag, which never used to write anything that would expose Demagogues to too much censure and ridicule.
It is even more ironic when one considers that the Demagogues are always yammering on about campaign reform. They really don't want it any more than the Republicans do.
Both parties suck.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

HillBilly wins New York. Sort of.

Lying, perjuring, hypocritical HillBilly Clinton won New York's primary yesterday.
In reality, Clinton's bitch won the New York City area, which has most of the state's population.
It seems appropriate. New York City is the whorehouse of the northeastern United States, and HillBilly is a blowsy old whore. The fit is perfect.
Clinton's bitch didn't do nearly as well in upstate New York. Bernie got most of the Demagogic vote there.
That's because the old whore did nothing for upstate when she was briefly a United States senator from New York.
There has also been a serious split between upstate and New York City for decades, with the Apple in decay running the show.
The one major exception was Monroe County. That means Rochester.
She squeaked by to win here for a paradoxical reason. Black voters, whom she never did anything for and has only recently started sucking up to, supported her. Not because they loved her, but because Mayor Lovely Warren and State Assemblyman Gantt were listed on the ballot as delegates for her.
Warren and Gantt own the Black Demagogues in Rochester. They want to be power brokers in HillBilly's presumed future administration.
Clinton's bitch celebrated her victory last night by saying "There's no place like home."
Two things are wrong with that statement.
First, HillBilly is a carpetbagger who moved to New York State only to run for office. She's not a native of the state, but an invasive species like the zebra mussel.
Second, the old whore is way too old to play Dorothy, although she is perfectly suited to playing either of the two wicked witches.
Fortunately, Bernie Sanders isn't out of the running yet, but it will be a hard battle to knock HillBilly out at the convention.
As an aside, The Donald won the Republican primary here. That, too, makes me shudder.
New York has chosen a Fascist megalomaniac with a bad haircut and an old bag with delusions of grandeur and an appetite for power.
One of those two creeps will most likely be the next president.
Where is Murder, Incorporated when you need them?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Clinton freak show returns to Rochester today.

Tomorrow is primary day in New York State.
That is why presidential candidates have been coming around here and lying over the past few weeks.
They are a dismal lot at best. They do reflect the fears and hatred of the American people and prey upon them. That's what usually wins elections.
Today, ex president Horndog Bill Clinton and ex Kennedy in-law Prince Andrew Cuomo will be in western New York.
That includes Rochester.
These two are stumping for Horndog Bill's wife, female impersonator and number one all around bitch, HillBilly. She's wanted the presidency ever since she left the White House on the soiled arms of her pig of a husband in 2001.
HillBilly couldn't hope for better salesmen than her husband and Prince Andrew. Both are experts in the field of political lying, a field in which HillBilly is no mean practitioner herself.
They appeal to the more mentally challenged or just plain stupid members of the electorate. Those people are the majority of the voters, and Rochester has more than its share of them.
HillBilly won't be here herself this time. She'll be busy lying in New York City today.
Thankfully, the Republican dipshit candidates for president only stopped here once. That was more than enough.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The State of the City address. A decidely low budget affair.

Mayor Warren's second annual freak show lacked all the glitz and glamor of last year's.
It was held in the warehouse of the Genesee Brewery. Cramming an insufficient number of chairs to accommodate 400 people into that small space, it interfered with the police  color guard's performance.
Most of the chairs were reserved for local political celebrities, their staffs and the mayor's senior management team.
There was a platform and a podium erected for the purpose, and two small screens that featured slideshows of carefully posed photographs of the mayor and videos of the same nature.
The hoi polloi, scrambling for unreserved seats at the back, couldn't see them well. They didn't miss much.
The low production costs paralleled the low production values. The setting was decidedly third rate.
Despite the cleanliness of the warehouse, it was tacky.
The mayor later explained the location of her little "do" as being both unique and appropriate; according to her, the history of the Genesee Brewery reflected Rochester's own history.
And now, on with the show.
A first grader from the mayor's alma mater, Wilson, led the "Pledge of Allegiance."
Cute but trite.
A bunch of first graders from Wilson repeated "I Am Somebody," which was featured at last year's event at Wilson.
Immediately afterwards, the kiddies and their mommies left, vacating a few dozen more seats for the common people attending the event. There were still not enough chairs for everyone.
Pastor David Valle did the Invocation, saying how proud he was to have a mayor who believed in the power of prayer.
She should. She counts on miracles daily.
The mayor's administration is minister ridden, and religion is the opiate of the masses, upon whom rests her power base.
Introductions were made by the Deputy Mayor, Leonard Redon, who was dragged out from either a hospital bed or rehab to perform at this event. Nobody has seen too much of him since his arrest for DWI more than two years ago. Redon was in charge of announcing all of the political dignitaries present, mispronouncing most of the names of people who are far more famous than he will ever be.
Maggie Brooks and hubby were there, too. She just can't stay out of the limelight, like dirty old men in their trench coats. Redon never mentioned them at all. They are just too unsavory to be associated with.
Chris Sirchio, CEO of North American Breweries, was up at the podium next. Since he owns Genesee Brewery and was therefore the host, that was to be expected. He went on to talk about the brewery and its goals.
Bob Doofus, ex police chief, ex mayor, ex lieutenant governor, currant big shit at the Rochester Business Alliance and accomplished political con man came up next. He was praising Mayor Warren, whose candidacy for mayor he opposed in 2013.
Still a smarmy, hypocritical sonofabitch.
Then, enter the mayor.
These are just some observations.
Lovely Warren is an attractive woman who usually knows how to present herself before a crowd. Red is definitely her color, and her red gown highlighted by black stones and black pumps were stunning.
She should have shot her make-up artist, however. Whoever did her up failed to account for the harsh lights, under which her features looked washed out and pale.
For the next forty-five minutes we got to hear how much she was doing or going to do for Rochester.
She described that she would be bolstering the power of the city's Office of Public Integrity, which was a subtle swipe at County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo, whose lying over the I-Square fuck up has lost her a great deal of respect and might probably make her a "one hit wonder" in that office.
We got to hear how crime is flat and at the lowest level in decades. Shootings are up, but the police department's clearance rate is at 80%.
She failed to mention where most of the homicides took place: in the ghetto.
She mentioned how the fire department installed hundreds of smoke detectors and CO2 detectors last year.
This makes Rochester a good place for investment. It has already produced thousands of jobs here.
In the same breath, she mentioned the ugly but true fact that for it's size, Rochester is the worst in the nation for child poverty.
I guess all the jobs coming here haven't made a dent in that yet.
She mentioned how Rochester has continually reinvented itself. It will now be the photonics capital of the world.
Nobody has every explained what photonics is, what it does and when it will start here. Everyone says that it will bring a lot of jobs. It is the new panacea to Rochester's ills, whatever it is.
She went on to talk about building up both the neighborhoods and downtown Rochester, filling in the northern Inner Loop in the process. That's a pretty stupid idea. It will create more traffic along the main streets, which are already congested enough during the daytime. Since there is nothing in downtown after dark worth going to, the Inner Loop provides a quick way of circumventing the nothingness that downtown has become.
There was also talk of more subsidized housing in Rochester, probably located at the filled-in portions of the northern Inner Loop, just adjacent to the ghetto.
Mayor Warren proceeded to talk about her literacy campaign, which was honest and to the point. Her team has put more books into the hands of children. But then, so has one of the local Rotary Clubs.
She further mentioned that through her efforts ( yeah? ) 94% of Rochester's four year olds are in Pre-K. That is remarkable, given the better than 50% truancy rate our city schools have on any given day.
She then proceeded to talk about the dismal state of Rochester's schools, which are the worst in the state and among the worst in the nation.
The mayor wants our schools to become beacons in our neighborhoods, and singled out school 17 as a shining example.
It isn't. Check out its truancy rates and incidents of violence.
The mayor also wants to have a greater role in Rochester's schools, especially those in state receivership, although she does not want mayoral control of the schools.
That is asinine.
The current system of an elected school board, combined with uncaring or absent parents, has the created the shithole Rochester's schools have become. The mayor doesn't want to control the schools because it would eliminate that same school board that is home to some of her friends that have fucked up the schools.
I have stated previously that I do not like the concept of mayoral control of the schools, but the time has come for a radical solution that the mayor lacks the courage to contemplate. She wants a half assed compromise that really won't solve anything, but that won't hurt her friends.
For more, you can check the local news media who taped the whole pantomime.
When it was over, and everyone was rushing to leave, City Hall employees ( who made up the majority of the audience because they had to be there ) were saying how wonderful the mayor was.
After all, she pays them.
I will admit that to accomplish anything worthwhile takes time, and that everyone wants something that the city is expected to foot the bill that adds more to the "to do" list.
But the mayor hasn't explained how more bread and circuses coming soon will change the sense of entitlement many Rochesterians have, demanding something for nothing in return.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

HillBilly comes to Rochester. There goes the neighborhood.

The presidential freak show of 2016 continues with HillBilly Clinton's circus coming to Rochester tomorrow.
Her husband, ex-president and famous adulterer Horndog Clinton, was here Wednesday.
The Donald and Canadian Cruz, among other assholes aspiring to the presidency, are also expected to drop in Rochester shortly.
Like shit from pigeons.
HillBilly is coming to town to rally her supporters, mostly other opportunistic Demagogic politicians and mindless fans. They know that she is a liar, a perjurer, an opportunist and a fence hopper. She has made statements before the cameras and then done 180 degree turns, denying that she made her original statements, which have been captured forever on video.
Andreas Rau has described such people as "political acrobats."
Her supporters know that HillBilly is a consummate con-woman, but will vote for her anyway, which means most Americans are incredibly stupid where politicians are concerned, and will willingly pursue actions that are contrary to their own self-interest or well being.
Con artists take great pleasure in having their suckers submit willingly, like Monica Lewinsky did.
I wonder if any people attending her rally tomorrow will shout out "Remember Benghazi?"

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Monica Lewinsky's ex boyfriend comes to Rochester today.

Ex president Horndog Clinton is coming to town.
He is not coming to buy cigars.
Horndog is in town to promote the presidential campaign of his wife, female impersonator HillBilly Clinton.
Her only qualification is that she had sex with Horndog, just like so many other women.
Local Demagogues will be falling all over themselves to meet with him today. They admire a publicly acknowledged liar, perjurer, adulterer and Bible-thumping Fundamentalist hypocrite. He meets with their approval because they have so much in common.
The Demagogues are also shrieking about the low moral character of The Donald and his current sluttish wife, failing to see that irony in their blaze of admiration for Horndog.
The fact that things like HillBilly and The Donald could even be considered for the office of president shows how low the American people have sunk.
My only advice is that while Horndog is in town is to lock up your wives and daughters.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The continued fuss over I-Square.

Most Rochesterians are a pretty apathetic lot.
This week we had three murders within a twenty four hour period. This is on top of other shootings that occur regularly in our fair city.
No public outcry.
A major heroin trafficking ring was broken this week.
No public jubilation.
Yesterday, camera hog Reverend Lewis Stewart tried to stir up the black community about a man who died after being tasered last year.
No real public interest and perfunctory coverage by the media.
But the fuss over I-Square has been continuing daily for over a week.
One wonders why.
All politicians are liars. Their profession guarantees that it can hardly be otherwise. That includes Republicans, Demagogues and third parties. That includes black, white and Hispanic politicians. That includes men and women.
Most people don't trust them at any time, so why all the uproar when they are found to behave unethically this time when they have been doing so for years? And still getting elected.
COMIDA is in bed with the Monroe County GOP. That they would share privileged information with GOP big shits should have been no surprise to anyone.
The porcine Bill Reilich, Grand Diabolarch of the Monroe County GOP,  took a political pot shot at Irondequoit Demagogue Adam Bello, revealing that he was privy to such information about I-Square.
The developers of I-Square took exception to Reilich's rant and threatened a lawsuit.
Justin Roj, County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo's pet gopher, called in COMIDA's attorneys to back up Reilich's statement. It was not the other way around.
DiNolfo, in a couple of lackluster press conferences, tried to dodge the issue by saying a lot of nothing and ignoring questions.
District Attorney Sandra Doorley announced that her office would be conducting an "informal investigation." Doorley, a Republican, is not about to upset the applecart and offend Reilich, so not too much can be expected from that quarter.
Reilich got nervous and ordered DiNolfo to sacrifice her pet gopher by throwing him to the wolves and blaming him for lying.
DiNolfo proceeded to do just that, and demanded Roj's resignation, saying that he lied to her about his involvement in the I-Square flap. Whether he did or didn't lie to her is irrelevant. DiNolfo and Reilich needed a victim to offer to the mob, and it wasn't going to be either of them.
Reilich then found it necessary to shoot off his big fat mouth again. To set the record straight. Which he didn't do. According to him, it was Justin Roj who blabbed the information to him, and he never requested it. He further stated that he thought it was public knowledge about I-Square, so what's all the fuss about? It's a lie. But he'll do anything to keep from roasting on a spit up his ass and an apple in his mouth, which is about the only thing that just might make him socially acceptable.
Had an apple been firmly placed in his mouth on March 18, he would never have been able to take his shot at Bello, and all of this could have been avoided.
But again, I ask, why does everybody find the I-Square flap so unique? It isn't.
One need only remember another Republican scandal from a few years back: ROBUTRAD. None of the big shits involved in that ever got caught and only the small fry were sacrificed to jail sentences, dismissals and fines.
Do Rochesterians really think this will end any differently?
I doubt it.
But it is always amusing to watch big shit politicians sweat it out when they get caught lying too much about things that don't matter. Even if it's only for a moment.
This is just business as usual.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lulubelle and HillBilly: Two old bags of a feather flocking together.

Octogenarian congresswoman and Demagogic sacred cow Lulubelle Slaughter will be in Rochester today.
She will be participating in a "Hillbilly for President" roundtable at the 1872 Café on West Main Street at 2 PM.
Topics of the meeting will not include Benghazi, e-mails or HillBilly's general dishonesty. That's because Lulubelle supports Hillbilly, lies and all.
They have so much in common. Maybe it's just female solidarity.
Hillbilly won't be here. She's too busy spreading her bullshit across America to stop in Rochester. Yet.
The choice of the 1872 Café as a gathering place for this event is appropriate. It is in what is acclaimed as the Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood, where the famed suffragette lived and died.
When arrested for attempting to vote in 1872 ( hence the name of the café ), and asked how she voted, Ms. Anthony answered "Straight Republican."
Maybe these two bitches can learn something from Ms. Anthony after all.
In the meantime, there goes the neighborhood.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Judge Leticia Astacio loses her driver's license for a year.

City Court Judge Leticia Astacio was convicted of DWI today.
Her driver's license has been suspended for one year.
Astacio said she will appeal her conviction. She claims that she refused to take the sobriety test because of brain damage she had incurred during a pregnancy. She says it would have caused her to walk in such a manner that would have convinced the officers that she was drunk.
Instead, she let her other actions convince the officers that she was plastered.
Was her rudeness towards the arresting officers also due to her brain damage? Did her brain damage also prevent her from being a safe driver? Worse still, do her claims to brain damage also reflect on the court decisions she has made and will continue to make?
Beats me.
Nobody has yet explained why she had four flat tires, considerable damage to her vehicle and her bizarre behavior when the police happened upon the scene to arrest her.
Maybe that, too, was the result of her brain damage.
I don't believe any of that. She was plastered.
Astacio's brain isn't damaged. It is merely full of shit.
She got off easy.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mayor Warren endorses Harry Bronson.

Big deal.
State Assemblyman Bronson doesn't represent the district the mayor lives in, so he's no threat to her. She doesn't want his job, anyway. That would necessitate taking a pay cut by nearly 50%. So the mayor could afford to be gracious and endorse Harry, which is completely out of character for her.
On the other hand, Bronson never needed the support of Lovely Warren or David Gantt before. Their support is negligible at best, or unnecessary at worst. Harry's base of support is the gay ghetto, not the black ghetto. It is also doubtful that the mayor will open up her campaign coffers to him. She saves them only for herself. Lovely's tepid support will cost her nothing and perhaps disarm one or two Establishment Demagogues.
Bronson is in the pocket of one the mayor's deadliest enemies, slick Joe Morelle pere. Warren can claim that she is building bridges between the two dysfunctional halves of the local Demagogic party.
Which is a lie. Neither faction wants to build bridges. They both wish to destroy the other.
Mayor Warren pissed off the Establishment Demagogues when she refused to endorse Sandra Frankel for Monroe County Executive. She continued to piss them off by not wholeheartedly supporting octogenarian Congresswoman Lulubelle Slaughter in her current bid for re election.
Some people thought the mayor wanted Lulubelle's seat. That was not the case. At least not this time around.
A gesture of sorts to promote party unity was necessary, especially with Mayor Warren running for re election in 2017.
But it is essentially meaningless. Harry doesn't need the Gantt-Warren faction for anything. Not when he has the gay vote on his side.
Who does the mayor think she's kidding? Her cheerleading squad?

Friday, March 11, 2016

City Court Judge Leticia Astacio pleads not guilty to DWI.

That was to be expected.
She claims that the state troopers who arrested her never saw her driving the vehicle. That is probably true. The vehicle had four flat tires and extensive front end damage. It wasn't going anywhere at that point.
I doubt that she was walking along the road and just happened to get into the disabled vehicle.
Since Astacio refused to take the breathalyzer test, the preliminary breath screen test registered at more than double the legal limit, .19 %.
The preliminary breath screen test is not admissible in court.
Astacio also claimed to have suffered some sort of brain injury during a pregnancy, which is why she couldn't take the roadside sobriety test. Which is bullshit. It doesn't prevent her from undergoing grueling hour long full body workouts. Not that anyone could notice.
Women who demand equality with men usually fall back on feminine complaints in order to get special treatment when they're in trouble. Pregnancy and complications arising therefrom are always sure fire winners in that respect.
And shouldn't we all be worried about a judge whose brain injury has produced both serious flaws in judgment and the appearance of intoxication?
The arresting officers recounted that Astacio told them to mind their own fucking business, that they were fucking ruining her life, that she would never do this to them, that this was not part of their fucking job and other choice tidbits. Statements made by a pampered, spoiled woman who was not getting her way and was certainly unconcerned with justice.
Those statements, too, are recounted in the D&C.
It is clear that Astacio didn't trust the police.
She'll be heading back to court on April 25.
Her attorney claimed that Astacio's arrest didn't occur "like normal arrests occur."
That's true enough. Astacio is a public official, and should have expected to be held to a higher standard. That is what has provoked interest in her case. It is also why the arresting officers were so careful to report everything she said and did during her arrest. They knew they were dealing with a city court judge.
Ed Fiandach, her attorney, is rather a hypocrite. He didn't really want Astacio to be treated "normally."
Neither did Astacio. She wanted to be treated as special and the officers to let her go because she is an elected Hispanic official with tits.
But where could she go with four flat tires?
You can read the entire story in Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C. It is hilarious.
If convicted, Astacio faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. But don't hold your breath for that eventuality.
According to David Andreatta's article in the D&C ( "Judge Astacio isn't going anywhere" ), it is unlikely that she will receive anything more serious than a knuckle rapping.
Dismal but true.
Ain't justice for all grand?
Nobody seems to know how the front end of her vehicle got extensively damaged, or how all four tires got flat.
Maybe Fiandach knows?

Watch out for the cops on St. Patrick's Day weekend.

Tomorrow the City of Rochester will hold its annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.
St. Patrick was the Italian man credited with driving the snakes out of Ireland.
The city always has the parade on Saturday rather than March 17 for a couple of reasons.
One: The parade route runs through downtown Rochester, which has been dead for years. The few offices that remain downtown are closed on weekends, meaning that there will be next to no traffic to control.
Two: St. Patrick's Day weekend is an excuse for the uninhibited imbibing of Irish-style beers and whisky, as if some dipsomaniacs need an excuse. This activity will start tonight and continue through Sunday. Hopefully, the revelers will be able to nurse their hangovers and be in to work reasonably sober on Monday morning. It's more convenient to go out on a weekend drunk than a mid week one.
It is because of this fact that the police will be out in full force this weekend, establishing sobriety checkpoints throughout the city and surrounding areas, to catch drunk drivers. It's a big day for law enforcement, since they usually nab plenty of boozehounds on their way home from celebrating.
Most restaurants will be offering entrees of corned beef and cabbage to celebrate the day. As I understand it, that is an American, not an Irish, bill of fare.
The parade itself will feature some Irish-style dancing, a very few Irish-American organizations, politicians looking to be seen in public or running for office and for the most part associations and city departments that have nothing to do with Ireland or Italy. They'll be decked out in green, wearing shamrock symbols and other accessories purchased from the Dollar Store trying to look Irish.
Whatever in Hell that means.
But whatever you do this weekend, watch out for the cops.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Rochester's Finance Director gets picked up for DWI. Sorry, Charlie.

City Finance Director Charles Benincasa got charged with DWI last night.
The police got a report that his vehicle was involved in a collision at the McDonalds on Main Street and Culver Road.
The police later learned that no collision had in fact occurred. This begs the question, who claimed that one had? Who had it out for Charlie? Who called in a false complaint that led to his arrest?
And what in Hell was he doing at a McDonalds anyway?
It has been years since I've been to a McDonalds, so I have no clue if they feature alcoholic beverages on their menu. The quality of their food items is enough to sicken anyone and make them puke, but I doubt if they could produce the symptoms of alcoholic intoxication.
Benincasa is a large, portly man. Perhaps he suffers from diabetes.
That was the excuse offered two years ago by then Communications Director Christine Christopher regarding Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon's arrest for DWI. He hasn't been seen around town much in the last two years. Perhaps he's been in rehab, let out just often enough to keep him on the city's payroll.
The current Communications Director James Smith, who beat the rap for his involvement in the ROBUTRAD scandal a few years ago, said that the city has a program for employees with substance abuse problems.
Does that include treatment for Big Mac attacks washed down with a couple of beers?
Benincasa's court date is March 24. Like Redon before him, he will probably get a slap on the wrist and continue to work for the city.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Prostitute-patronizing Parrinello beats the rap. Sort of.

It looks like eccentric Rochester attorney John Parrinello won't be going to trial after all. Parrinello, 77, was charged with patronizing a prostitute at a sleazy Gates motel last summer.
He wasn't charged with assault with a dead weapon.
The whore in question recanted her testimony. According to Assistant District Attorney Matthew Dunham the charge will be dismissed in six months if Parrinello keeps his nose clean and his ass out of trouble for that length of time. That is usually referred to as an ACD, an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. After the allotted six months, Parrinello's record will be wiped clean. It is like saying "Naughty, naughty. Just don't do it again."
If it is not exactly justice, it certainly is an example of getting a good deal.
Getting a good deal is what the American judicial system is all about. It's the American way.
There is no word as to how the courts will proceed against the whore.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It is fitting that HillBilly won the Nevada Demagogic caucus.

That's right.
Although she didn't win it by much. HillBilly appealed to the tastes of 52% of Nevada's registered Demagogues yesterday.
It's easy to see why. HillBilly reflects the high moral sensibilities of the state.
Nevada is the gambling capital of the western world, where the casinos are controlled by the mob. The mob turned Las Vegas from a tacky, dusty little gambling town into a glitzy and glamorous gambling Hell that attracts millions of visitors every year. Reno and Tahoe do nicely in that respect, too. Sodom and Gomorrah in miniature.
Whorehouses, not street prostitution, are legal in Nevada. Some counties would go belly up if it wasn't for the property and sales taxes that whorehouses pay out.
Nevada is known for its quickie divorces, making it the land of the free and the grave of the home. It's also known for its even more quickie weddings, where couples can get married by officiants impersonating Elvis in chapels that are open 24/7/365.
Most of the residents of the state are either employed by or dependent on these broadening pursuits that appeal to the baser side of human nature.
Nevada is one of the most corrupt states in the Union.
It is HillBilly's spiritual home, hence her (minor) victory at the caucus.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quit your bitching about the latest blizzard.

That's right.
People who have lived in Rochester most of their lives know that we get hit with lots of snow every so often during our winters. When it does happen, they act like this is something new. Which means that they are incredibly stupid.
Yesterday, we logged something like 18.5 inches at the Rochester Airport. The totals were higher, much higher, in persistent squall areas.
It was the second snowiest day in February in Rochester's history.
People knew of the snow warning days in advance and refused to prepare for it. That, too, means that they are stupid.
They have forgotten how to drive in deep snow. They have forgotten the basics about what equipment to keep in cars during snow storms and cold weather.
Most importantly, even knowing that driving conditions were dangerous, they took to the roads rather than call into work.
For safety's sake, they should have stayed at home. Most people don't have that kind of courage, so they drove and they bitched.
I will admit that both Mayor Lovely Warren and County Executive DiNolfo could have closed the city and county roads early in the morning, allowing only emergency vehicles on the road. That would have kept businesses closed and allowed for better cleanup of the streets.
The ladies didn't do that. People traveled to their jobs, only to find that their places of business were closing because of the storm.
That is if they didn't get stuck on the roads.
The mayor closed City Hall at noon. I guarantee that most of her overpaid staffers never showed up at all.
Hell, even the malls announced that they were closing because of the storm. They never close.
The snow removal crews weren't as effective as they could have been because of vehicles stranded and abandoned in the snow.
Sidewalk plows were affected by assholes who parked in their driveways straddling the sidewalks, making it impossible to plow the sidewalks effectively.
Rochesterians know all of this from previous winter experiences, but ignore it. Which is another definition of "stupid."
There were numerous random acts of kindness reported by the news media, about people helping dig out other people during the storm.
Which they wouldn't have had to do if people showed more intelligence regarding the situation. They should have stayed home.
That, as always, is lacking in most human beings.
After all, isn't government supposed to protect us from our own stupidity? We, of course, aren't capable of protecting government from theirs.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

City Court Judge Leticia Astacio charged with DWI.

Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio was charged with a DWI this morning. She was on her way to Rochester City Court to preside over Saturday morning arraignments when the state troopers nabbed her at 8 AM.
At 8 AM? What a party girl she must be. Still drunk the morning after the night before.
Astacio  also refused to take the breathalyzer test. Most people feel that refusing to take the breathalyzer test is indicative of guilt. Was she afraid the results of that test would prove she was plastered while on her way to administer justice?
Astacio's vehicle couldn't have been moving too fast. She had four flat tires and damage to the front of her vehicle.
Who or what did she hit?
She will go to court on March 11. If convicted, she will probably have to stand down from the office to which she was elected in 2014.
Here comes the irony.
Astacio joined the Monroe County district's office in 2007, and moved to the drunken driving bureau in 2009.
Apparently, that taught this broad nothing.
Ms. Astacio won election to her office as a Demagogue. One of the same Demagogues that had good, long, disapproving laughs over the drunken antics of several prominent Republicans in the Rochester area. Like former Monroe County Airport Manager Susan Walsh. Or Meghan Feasel, wife of Monroe county's former Communications Director Justin Feasel. Google them and salivate over their stories.
What is clear here is that lushes are to be found in all walks of life, with affiliations to both major parties.
I wonder if the Demagogues are still giggling about Walsh and Feasel now.
As for Astacio, she can always claim that the state troopers discriminated against her when she goes to trial because of her sex and ethnic background and not for the trivial fact that she was driving drunk and endangering other drivers and pedestrians. That usually works in our politically correct court system.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Another mass shooting in Rochester early this morning.

Seven people were injured and one was killed in Rochester's latest mass shooting incident.
The place: The Mexican Village Night Club at 547 State Street. It is not known for offering fine, ethnic cuisine or classy entertainment.  That bar has previously received  complaints about loiterers, drug sales and street fights that began in the bar. The Rochester Police Department was aware of it, and the city has been unable or unwilling to do anything about it, like close it down as a nuisance.
The time: 2 AM. Closing time, when previous incidents of violence took place there.
The perpetrator(s): Who knows? It wasn't an ISIS extremist. It was probably a home grown, low life domestic asshole.
State Street is a main artery leading into downtown Rochester. The police had to close it and other side streets from Lyell Avenue to Jay Street while continuing their investigation. That, too, is a nuisance for decent, law abiding citizens who must use those streets.
RPD and City Hall are not to blame for all of the violent assholes who run amok in Rochester, although one might think that there might have been greater surveillance at a location that is a known nuisance.
Nor are stiffer gun laws the answer, because only law abiding citizens follow them. Criminals don't.
The courts are hampered by political correctness, since judges and district attorneys are elected to their positions, continually seeking to be re elected and don't want to ruffle the feathers of voters from certain socio-economic groups. That's why plea bargaining has become a bitter joke. The severity of the crime is played down and a lower sentence given.
The answer might be enacting stiffer penalties, and enforcing them, on people convicted of crimes involving guns where people are killed or injured.
Like public beheadings.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lying HillBilly Clinton wins the Iowa Demagogic Caucus, barely.

Monica Lewinsky's ex boyfriend's wife won the Iowa Demagogic Caucus. She beat her opponent, Bernie Sanders, by five votes. It was too close to be a definite victory for that hopeless female impersonator.
It was the narrowest victory in caucus history. Even narrower than JFK's 1960 victory, accomplished only after Chicago's Mayor Daley made sure that graveyards voted.
Entering into eternal peace did not prevent the dead from voting for Kennedy. Nor did Hillbilly's being a pathological liar prevent her from squeaking through to victory in Iowa's Demagogic Caucus
Vermont's Bernie Sanders is a newcomer in the national arena. He didn't have a decades long record of corruption, lying and cheating like the Clintons. That is what made them infamous household words.  It made them celebrities. Americans like celebrities, and Americans are incredibly stupid where politics is concerned.
Even more frightening is that Americans don't want to elect anyone to office better than they are. Honesty is Bernie's strong suit. Americans have become so accustomed to corrupt politicians that they don't know what to do with an honest, decent one.
Hillbilly knows that and traded on it. She also knows that she has no real competition from black politicians this time, either.
As for the Republicans, who knows from what sewer they scraped their leading candidates for president? Look at Cruz, Trump and Rubio. Their antics would be hilarious except for the fact the stakes are so high. Cruz beat out Trump and Rubio, but not by much. And none of the three are worth a flying shit.
It isn't over yet. There will be other state caucuses as this presidential circus progresses. Hopefully a majority of Americans will wake up before it is too late and vote for a candidate that is not a part of the establishment. One who does not resort to demagoguery to win. One who will not buy the office of the presidency.
Or else we will be reassured, once again, that the masses are asses. Then Americans will deserve what they've got coming.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More shits and giggles in Rochester, New York.

The antics of Hillbilly Clinton, Sarah Palin and the Donald are enough to make people laugh or puke on a national scale. Everyone chooses to overlook the asininity of our local politicians only because they haven't made the national news media. Yet.
In the last twenty four hours in Rochester, three separate incidents have revealed how badly broken our political and judicial systems are.
Today, US District Court Judge Frank Geraci suspended prostitute patronizing attorney John Parrinello from practicing law in federal court for 180 days.
It was not because of Parrinello's taste for gratuitous sex, but because of his asinine behavior in a court room last August. He was disruptive and heckled the court.
Parrinello has been pulling that sort of shit for years. What took the court system so long to chastise him? Why now? And it's such a mild rap on the knuckles, too.
Also today, Robert Wiesner pleaded guilty to committing a felony antitrust crime in connection with a major public corruption scandal.  Of course there was a deal.
Wiesner paid a total of $8,000 and gets to stay out of jail for pleading guilty. He has to keep his nose clean for three years in return for the conditional discharge. He did not agree to cooperate and testify at the trials of his fellow crooks.
Wiesner got off cheap.
Which just goes to show you that there is one set of laws and sentences for the rich and another one for the rest of us.
Last but not least, Rochester's Board of Ethics ruled last night that it would not be unethical for the city to hire Bill Johnson's firm to study a disastrous program that he helped to create when he was mayor. Going back to the source of the problem to find a cure.
Last week, City Council approved the hire seven to two. The two holdouts, Conklin and McFadden, wanted the Board of Ethics to rule on it. The Board is appointed by City Council, and knows which side its bread is buttered on. It usually bases its conclusions on what the City Council and the mayor want. Conklin and McFadden know that, too.
I guess the mayor doesn't trust her Commissioners of Neighborhood and Business Development and Innovation to conduct the study. Why not? What does she trust them with?
How come Saturday Night Live doesn't come up with some skits featuring Rochester? The mayor is forever attempting to thrust herself into the national arena.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Prostitute Patronizing Parrinello seeks bench trial.

Rochester's eccentric attorney John Parrinello is seeking a bench trial regarding his arrest for patronizing a prostitute at a Gates motel last August.
That crime is a misdemeanor.
According to Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C, Parrinello plans to sue the Town of Gates, claiming he suffered "negligent infliction of mental distress," slander and violation of his Constitutional rights. He's also claiming false arrest and malicious prosecution.
Parrinello's attorney, David Rothenberg, wants an expedited bench trial because of his client's "health issues." The impending jury trial is also "causing stress for Parrinello's family and having an adverse impact on his law practice."
It is extremely difficult to embarrass the Parrinellos. John's decades of madcap behavior hasn't unduly troubled them before. Unless he really has gone over the edge this time, and become mad as a hatter.
A bench trial would eliminate the need to seat a jury of John's peers. It would take a very long time to dig up twelve prostitute patronizing attorneys.
Or maybe not.
There's no word about what the whore with whom John was caught thinks about it all.
That, too, is odd. The news media usually has a field day interviewing whores caught with prominent individuals.
It sells newspapers.
I have only one question to ask the lady. Was John wearing boxers or briefs around his ankles?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Rochester City School District continues to be cursed.

Interim school superintendent Dan Lowengard resigned yesterday.
He had a stroke last week after being on the job for only four days. He will be returning to his home in Syracuse to recuperate.
Fortunately, the City of Rochester won't be stuck with Lowengard's bills or paying him off.
Linda Cimusz, who Lowengard hired as chief of staff during his four days on the job, will replace him as interim school superintendent. She was approved unanimously by the cretins who make up Rochester's school board.
That's three superintendents in less than three weeks.
That Cimusz has the confidence of Lowengard is unimportant, since his tenure as school superintendent had the brevity of the lifespan of a fruit fly.
Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C, states that Cimusz said she intends to follow through on the vision that Lowengard laid out, whatever the Hell that is supposed to mean.
Nobody in Rochester knew what Lowengard's visions or hallucinations were.
Cimusz, a stranger to Rochester, isn't interested in any long term appointment to oversee the school district.
Given the shitty state of Rochester's public schools, that's probably the wisest decision Cimusz will make.
It will also be a profitable one: $30,000 per month for six months.
Of course, we will still be paying off Vargas for the unexpired portion of his contract.
In the meantime, the cretins who comprise Rochester's school board will be searching for a permanent superintendent of schools. Someone who they can control and heap the blame on for all of their failures. Someone who can talk big, smile for the cameras, collect his or her salary and ultimately depart, leaving the city's public schools in exactly the same shitty state it is now.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Johnson to gorge at the public trough again.

Remember big ol' Bill Johnson, Rochester's first black mayor?
He's back.
Mayor Lovely Warren has decided to hire his consulting firm  to study the city's policy for dealing with nuisance properties.
Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C, states that Johnson is familiar with the system, as his administration set it up.
Like everything else about the Johnson administration, that, too, has failed. It could not have been otherwise.
Every project that bore his stamp was a dismal failure. His twelve years in office marked the triumph of political correctness and the downward spiral of Rochester's fortunes into the shithole it has become.
While those failures cost the city dearly, Johnson profited quite nicely during his time as mayor. He became a millionaire.
Politics does have its rewards.
He attempted to regain the mayor's office during the 2011 special election, as if he hadn't milked the city enough between 1994 and 2005.
Oddly enough, then city council president Warren was opposed to his candidacy. She had her sights set on that office in the 2013 election, and didn't want Johnson spoiling her game.
They must have smoked a peace pipe, or something, since then. Johnson was on her transition team when she won the 2013 election. Now she wishes to enrich him further.
Hiring Johnson would require the consent of Rochester's city council.
The D&C states that Carolee Conklin, the only man on the council, is troubled by the propriety of the appointment.
The mayor and the ex mayor, of course, are pooh-poohing Conklin's concerns.
Propriety never bothered either Johnson or Warren before. It's too late to imagine that it will now.
The real question is why hire someone to study the failure of a system that was instituted by that same person in the first place?
But it's really very kind of Mayor Warren to allow ex mayor Johnson another crack at gorging at the public trough. It won't cost her a penny.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Rochester's first multiple homicide of 2016.

It has been only eleven days since 2016 began, which began with a terrorist threat on Rochester's east side.
There have plenty of shootings since then, most recently on Evergreen Street last night.
Today, firemen responding to a fire at 193-195 Leighton Street found four bodies at the scene. That, too, is on the east side.
The victims didn't die as a result of smoke inhalation or the fire. They were murdered. The fire was set to cover up the murders, only the perps didn't count on the Fire Department being as quick and efficient as they were.
It is now in the hands of the Rochester Police Department's homicide squad. And the Monroe County medical examiner, who will have to determine the time of death. The heat of the fire will probably interfere with the accuracy of that analysis.
What will not have to be determined is the cause of death: three of the victims were dispatched execution style with gun shots to the head; the throat of the fourth victim was cut.
Rochester has become THE place for multiple or mass murder.
I sincerely doubt that this latest multiple murder was caused by foreign terrorists. Just like last year's multiple murders, this was the result of our own, home grown, domestic lunatics.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Rochester's interim superintendent of schools keels over.

That's right.
Daniel Lowengard from Syracuse, who is filling the unfulfilled portion of not-so dearly departed Bolgen Vargas' contract, fainted last night while meeting with teachers.
As a result of his "faint," he is in guarded condition at Strong Memorial Hospital.
Lowengard started working for the Rochester City School District on January 1. Which means he really began his job on January 4.
Four days into his six month position, which will pay him $180,000, he keeled over.
Perhaps he finally realized what he had gotten into: ever so briefly overseeing the worst school district in the state and one of the worst in the nation, while the school board hunts for a permanent superintendent of schools. One they can more easily manipulate than they could Vargas.
The D&C quotes a release from the school board as saying "We are all optimistic that Mr. Lowengard will be back to work very soon."
For how long?  In the dismal parade of superintendents the RCSD has had in the last twenty years, he could easily become the one with the briefest tenure in the position.
And if he doesn't come back, how much will we have to pay him or his estate off?