Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cheryl DiNolfo's press conference: Out of the mouth of this babe came drooling.

Republican tough titty Monroe County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo held another press conference about COMIDA and the I-Square mess on Tuesday.
It was clearly a bad hair day for her.
Her usually perfect coiffure was disheveled. Her usually perfect make-up was over done and made her look tired. And much older. Her usually self-assured arrogant pose was replaced by one of confusion and desperate sadness.
Of course, that was all staged.
DiNolfo was using traditional feminine wiles to say "I'm just a poor woman who was betrayed and left holding the bag," looking distraught and stumbling off of the podium.
Everybody laugh.
Politicians are supposed to be asexual. We are not supposed to consider if politicians have tits, cunts or cocks. Yet when they are caught with their pants down, they proclaim their integrity by resorting to roles prescribed by their gender.
Males will pound their fists and bluster; females will use the "I'm only a woman, after all" routine.
Those ploys are wearing thin in the case of the I-Square mess.
Unfortunately, DiNolfo's press conference didn't shed any new light on the scandal.
She reiterated that her old pet, Justin Roj, was responsible for telling tales that created the crisis and that she didn't know the truth of the matter until later.
What she didn't say was that Roj would never have acted without her tacit permission, which is probably the real truth. That's why he had to be sacrificed.
What she didn't do was criticize Republican party boss and Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich for using Roj's information to blast newly appointed Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello.
She didn't dare; the porcine Reilich is too powerful for her to blame for this mess. And DiNolfo owes him too much, anyway, to bite the hand that fed her.
Not that Reilich is grateful for such misplaced sentimental loyalty shown him by DiNolfo. He would throw her to the wolves anytime it suited his merciless fancy.
Reilich probably demanded that Roj provide him with information so he could stick it to Bello. Roj, good Republican functionary that he is ( or was ), had no choice but to comply.
What she did say was that, as county executive, she is responsible for whatever occurs during her watch, while trying to excuse herself from that responsibility at the same time.
The reality is this: Reilich controls DiNolfo and Roj. When the shit hit the fan, Roj had to be sacrificed to protect Reilich. When that didn't bring an end to the I-Square mess and with the COMIDA board bailing out right and left, DiNolfo had to humiliate herself with Tuesday's press conference to protect Reilich.
Her desperate action won't bring an end to the scandal.
DiNolfo did say that she was sorry, which translates to "I'm sorry we got caught."
The biggest joke of all was that DiNolfo referred to the press as "My friends in the media."
Rochester's liberal media would like to see her vital organs resting on a bed of lettuce.
DiNolfo a la mode.

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