Sunday, May 8, 2016

The last of the LDC crooks are sentenced. One and only one will do jail time.

That's right.
Only one of the four major crooks is going to jail.
Ex County Executive Maggie Brooks' husband, Bob Wiesner, already received his conditional discharge.
Ex Monroe County chief information officer Nelson Rivera got five years' probation and a $60,000 fine. That sad assed bastard only got a few trips out of his involvement in this scam to screw Monroe county's taxpayers, which makes one wonder if his head is screwed on properly.
John Maggio, one of Navitech's partners, got a conditional discharge, must pay $350,000 in restitution and do 200 hours in community service as a book keeper or accountant for a charity.
Whichever charity gets the use of his services had better watch out.
Navitech is the management company that landed lucrative county contracts.
Only Daniel Lynch, the other Navitech partner is going to jail, where he will spend 2 and 1/3 to 7 years. He's also getting hit with a $600,000 fine, $400,000 which will be going to the county. Lynch has already paid most of it.
Imagine having that much money in the bank.
On Friday, Acting Monroe County Court Justice Dennis Kehoe fingered Lynch as the prime mover in the scam.
I doubt if that's the case.
In our wonderful justice system, the relatively small fry are usually thrown to the wolves.
Wiesner, Rivera and Maggio, with their impeccable connections to Monroe County GOP Chairman Bill Reilich, ex County Executive Maggie Brooks and current County Executive Cheryl DiNolfo, were spared imprisonment. They were subjected only to public humiliation and, in Wiesner's case, a paltry fine.
Since none of them have any shame anyway, that wasn't much.
In Maggie's case, association with her husband's guilt didn't prevent her from landing a cushy job at RTS after her term of office expired.
Of that sordid lot, only Lynch will go to jail. It won't be Attica. It will probably be one of those resort prisons reserved for the upper classes, like Club Fed of Watergate fame.
Even there, Lynch might want to be careful when he's going down for the soap, and not be too flattered when a fellow inmate tells him that he has a pretty mouth.

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