Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mark Siwiec resigns from COMIDA over the I-Square flap. Big deal.

That's right.
Nothnagle realtor Mark Siwiec, stellar light of the MCDC's lavender caucus, resigned from the Republican dominated COMIDA Board last night.
As a dyed in the wool Demagogue, he never really fit in with them, anyway.
COMIDA has had a shabby reputation for a long, long time. Siwiec was appointed to its board only in 2014. He willingly accepted his appointment to that body, regardless of its reputation. Perhaps he thought it would help boost his real estate sales.
I have already blogged about the I-Square mess. You might wish to scroll down and read those previous blogs.
COMIDA now says that the owners of I-Square are not in default, which is supposed to make everything all better.
It hasn't.
All COMIDA's statement has done is to confirm most people's suspicions that something is fishy there. With their curiosity already whetted, people would like to know more.
Hence Siwiec's departure, and his statement quoted from Rochester's liberal newsrag the D&C: "Unfortunately recent events have called into question my personal integrity and that of my colleagues on the board."
Really? His "personal integrity?"
That ship sailed a long time ago.
Siwiec is no ingĂ©nue in the game of politics. He knew what he was getting into when he willingly accepted his appointment to COMIDA's board.
He also knows enough to leave before it blows up in everyone's face because the I-Square flap just isn't going to go away.
And, as a member of the board, just how much does Siwiec know about the I-Square mess?
His departure won't change anything there.

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