Monday, April 18, 2016

The Clinton freak show returns to Rochester today.

Tomorrow is primary day in New York State.
That is why presidential candidates have been coming around here and lying over the past few weeks.
They are a dismal lot at best. They do reflect the fears and hatred of the American people and prey upon them. That's what usually wins elections.
Today, ex president Horndog Bill Clinton and ex Kennedy in-law Prince Andrew Cuomo will be in western New York.
That includes Rochester.
These two are stumping for Horndog Bill's wife, female impersonator and number one all around bitch, HillBilly. She's wanted the presidency ever since she left the White House on the soiled arms of her pig of a husband in 2001.
HillBilly couldn't hope for better salesmen than her husband and Prince Andrew. Both are experts in the field of political lying, a field in which HillBilly is no mean practitioner herself.
They appeal to the more mentally challenged or just plain stupid members of the electorate. Those people are the majority of the voters, and Rochester has more than its share of them.
HillBilly won't be here herself this time. She'll be busy lying in New York City today.
Thankfully, the Republican dipshit candidates for president only stopped here once. That was more than enough.

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