Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Monica Lewinsky's ex boyfriend comes to Rochester today.

Ex president Horndog Clinton is coming to town.
He is not coming to buy cigars.
Horndog is in town to promote the presidential campaign of his wife, female impersonator HillBilly Clinton.
Her only qualification is that she had sex with Horndog, just like so many other women.
Local Demagogues will be falling all over themselves to meet with him today. They admire a publicly acknowledged liar, perjurer, adulterer and Bible-thumping Fundamentalist hypocrite. He meets with their approval because they have so much in common.
The Demagogues are also shrieking about the low moral character of The Donald and his current sluttish wife, failing to see that irony in their blaze of admiration for Horndog.
The fact that things like HillBilly and The Donald could even be considered for the office of president shows how low the American people have sunk.
My only advice is that while Horndog is in town is to lock up your wives and daughters.

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