Thursday, April 7, 2016

HillBilly comes to Rochester. There goes the neighborhood.

The presidential freak show of 2016 continues with HillBilly Clinton's circus coming to Rochester tomorrow.
Her husband, ex-president and famous adulterer Horndog Clinton, was here Wednesday.
The Donald and Canadian Cruz, among other assholes aspiring to the presidency, are also expected to drop in Rochester shortly.
Like shit from pigeons.
HillBilly is coming to town to rally her supporters, mostly other opportunistic Demagogic politicians and mindless fans. They know that she is a liar, a perjurer, an opportunist and a fence hopper. She has made statements before the cameras and then done 180 degree turns, denying that she made her original statements, which have been captured forever on video.
Andreas Rau has described such people as "political acrobats."
Her supporters know that HillBilly is a consummate con-woman, but will vote for her anyway, which means most Americans are incredibly stupid where politicians are concerned, and will willingly pursue actions that are contrary to their own self-interest or well being.
Con artists take great pleasure in having their suckers submit willingly, like Monica Lewinsky did.
I wonder if any people attending her rally tomorrow will shout out "Remember Benghazi?"

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