Thursday, August 18, 2016

The 2017 campaign for Mayor of Rochester has already begun.

That's right.
For months, the notorious Molly Clifford has been stating that her political comments have had nothing to do with her seeking higher elected office next year.
Her tepid statements have been totally unconvincing. She doesn't want people to really believe that she won't run for mayor next year, because she has been building up her support base, specifically among the labor unions, for just such a run. At the same time, Clifford didn't want to alert the Warren administration to her obvious intention of replacing the current mayor. She thought she would surprise Mayor Warren, and the white queen would sweep the black queen from the board.
Unfortunately for Clifford, Mayor Warren and her cronies have been wary of her from the start. The hostility between the two queens and their factions has become an amusing public spectacle.
The latest episode of this black comedy has been the op-ed framed by the white queen and published in the D&C. It criticized the lack of communication between the black queen's faction and the white queen's regarding union contracts involved in the school modernization plan.
It is hardly curious that not one black city councilman signed it. Only the white elitist members ( and their indispensable Hispanic ally, Jackie Ortiz ) did.
Adam McFadden found it necessary to point out that phase one of the contracts did not live up to their object of women and minority hiring.
McFadden pointed out that UNICOM received at least a million dollars worth of labor contracts under phase one. He also pointed out that Clifford's boy toy Ken Warner is one of UNICOM's top bananas. UNICOM, and therefore the boy toy and Clifford, stand to lose out financially if the contracts for phase two are rejected.
Personal interest is therefore Clifford's motivating factor regarding these labor contracts, as it is for those city councilmen who co-signed her op-ed: They all had union support in getting elected and now might not be able to repay those unions with lucrative construction contracts.
The City of Rochester, meaning the rest of us, doesn't count for shit in their schemings.
What is also clear is that the campaign for mayor will clearly be featuring race and racism as an issue, illustrated by the color of the two queens.
The black queen and the white queen will be fighting to the death.
It's going to be a lot of fun.

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