Sunday, August 28, 2016

Whatever happened to Leonard Redon? He's still alive and well and working at City Hall.

That's right.
Leonard Redon resigned or retired as deputy mayor a few months ago. He said that he'd been treated for cancer over the last year and felt that it was time to take care of himself.
Redon hadn't been seen much around the City of Rochester after his arrest for DWI two and a half years ago.
So, how has Redon been taking care of himself since he stepped down as deputy mayor?
Why, being appointed to a position in the Warren administration that never previously existed.
Redon is now Special Assistant to the Deputy Mayor, complete with a salary and his own office hidden away at City Hall. Perhaps the new deputy mayor, Carlos Carballada, just can't hack it on his own and needed more than just his personal assistant to handle the rigors of his office.
What exactly does his new position in city government entail? Who knows? It is, after all, supposed to be a secret.
It is gratifying to know that the now you see him, now you don't ex deputy mayor is taking care of himself very well. And is still on the city payroll.

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