Thursday, July 7, 2016

And more on a gambling casino in downtown Rochester.

The debate on establishing a gambling casino in downtown Rochester is heating up.
A group that for whatever reason calls itself "A Better Rochester" dumped a petition off at City Hall today, demanding that the city abandon considering setting up a Native American-run casino anywhere in Rochester. Not just downtown.
Here comes the irony and the hypocrisy: "A Better Rochester" is being bankrolled by gaming interests that already run betting parlors across the state of New York, such as de Lago, Finger Lakes Gaming and Racing Track and Batavia Downs.
Does that mean that the established gaming interests are seeing the error of their ways?
Hell no.
They simply want Native American casinos banned in Rochester. Such a casino might cut into their own hefty profits by diverting gamblers from their own venues.
Greedy motherfuckers.
Such a ban on Native American-run casinos wouldn't prevent them from attempting to open one in downtown Rochester.
That's the real issue.
They couldn't care less about the negative effects a gambling casino would have on Rochester, as long as the casino in question is theirs.
This is something that their paid mouth-piece, Scott Gaddy ( remember him? ) has never ceased to fail to mention.
He is only bitching about the negative effects a Native American-run casino will have on Rochester, not other gambling establishments.
He should. They're paying him enough to.
"A Better Rochester" can draft as many petitions as they like, demanding that such a casino be banned in Rochester. It is illegal for the city to do that, as gambling is controlled by the state. The petitioners would need to direct their efforts to Albany.
The stupidest thing about this debate is that everyone but Mayor Warren's administration is talking about it. Mayor Warren is simply seeking developers to submit proposals.
Tom Wilmot, one of the men who bankrolls "A Better Rochester" and owns del Lago Resort and Casino, submitted a rough proposal to City Hall last month.
The people who signed his petition should have the word "Sucker" tattooed on their foreheads.
And both of Gaddy and Wilmot's two faces are showing. Neither is very pretty.

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