Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Demagogic National Convention: Taxi to the toilet.

Taxi Zum Klo is a late 1970s German autobiographical docudrama/art film.
It is semi-pornographic, at least for two and a half minutes, anyway.
It depicts the life of a gay German schoolteacher from Berlin.
In one scene, the hero sneaks out of a hospital where he is being treated for hepatitis. He stuffs his hospital gown into his pants, puts on his coat and leaves via a side entrance.
Hiring a taxi, our hero heads toward a local public toilet, which is a well known cruising spot for gay men. With the meter still running, he heads inside to await a potential trick.
Eventually another man arrives, seems interested and our hero drops trow. The trick sees that our hero is wearing a hospital gown and realizes that something is very wrong. With a wry smile, he backs off and leaves our hero with his pants down.
Last night at the Demagogic National Convention, delegates from all over the nation taxied to the toilet in Philadelphia. Unlike the trick in the film, they openly embraced their chancred whore.
The Republicans did the same last week.
The two major political parties have proved that there are no creatures so low and disgusting that they cannot put on a pedestal and have Americans wholeheartedly approve of them for the highest office in the land.
Either the Donald or HillBilly will become president in November.
Americans will be taking the taxi to the toilet regardless of which of them wins.
This country is going to get exactly what it deserves.

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