Friday, July 15, 2016

ALL lives matter.

That's right.
After hearing so much bullshit about the "Black Lives Matter" rally last Friday night and the civil disobedience it produced afterwards, I have to say that ALL lives matter.
I am not a two-faced politician pretending to be politically correct to get re elected.
I am not the owner of a business like "Sticky Lips" to fear retribution and retaliation from the black community for not beating my chest and crying mea culpa for daring to say ALL lives matter.
I have little or no respect left for the clergy in general, especially those who preach politics from their pulpits, to have any serious regard for what they have to say on this or most other matters.
Churches should be taxed, anyway. They clearly don't believe in the separation of church and state, except where their tax free status is concerned.
The "Black Lives Matter" rally began peacefully enough on Friday afternoon, July 8.
All Hell broke loose only when it ended, and its leaders decided to take their protest from the Liberty Pole to East Avenue, blocking the street, congesting traffic and interfering with the patrons of the many fine drinking establishments located on that strip.
That is when the cops moved in, wearing full riot gear, and began arresting people who chose not to heed the order to disperse.
And objects were thrown at the police. Later videos showed that.
The protesters who were blocking the streets and interfering with traffic denied any such thing occurred.
Seventy-odd people were arrested, many of whom were white sympathizers. They are now all crying "Foul."
Never mind the fact that they knowingly broke the law. Which is what the organizers of the rally counted on. They wanted a confrontation with the police. When the rally proved to be too peaceful and didn't attract enough local attention to suit them, they chose an action guaranteed to produce a reaction from the police.
They got it, too.
And plenty of press coverage the world over.
So what are they bitching about?
Why, because the mayor and the police chief didn't fall all over themselves in anguish over the arrests.
Because most of Rochester didn't care about law breakers being arrested.
Because they are being regarded as nothing more than nuisances that had to be chastised and taught a lesson.
There will be no revolution in Rochester in support of the likes of them.
If "Black Lives Matter," they might want to practice it within their own community. Most of Rochester's murders have been black on black, something their ministers never cease to refrain from mentioning.

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