Friday, March 4, 2016

Rochester's Finance Director gets picked up for DWI. Sorry, Charlie.

City Finance Director Charles Benincasa got charged with DWI last night.
The police got a report that his vehicle was involved in a collision at the McDonalds on Main Street and Culver Road.
The police later learned that no collision had in fact occurred. This begs the question, who claimed that one had? Who had it out for Charlie? Who called in a false complaint that led to his arrest?
And what in Hell was he doing at a McDonalds anyway?
It has been years since I've been to a McDonalds, so I have no clue if they feature alcoholic beverages on their menu. The quality of their food items is enough to sicken anyone and make them puke, but I doubt if they could produce the symptoms of alcoholic intoxication.
Benincasa is a large, portly man. Perhaps he suffers from diabetes.
That was the excuse offered two years ago by then Communications Director Christine Christopher regarding Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon's arrest for DWI. He hasn't been seen around town much in the last two years. Perhaps he's been in rehab, let out just often enough to keep him on the city's payroll.
The current Communications Director James Smith, who beat the rap for his involvement in the ROBUTRAD scandal a few years ago, said that the city has a program for employees with substance abuse problems.
Does that include treatment for Big Mac attacks washed down with a couple of beers?
Benincasa's court date is March 24. Like Redon before him, he will probably get a slap on the wrist and continue to work for the city.

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