Saturday, February 13, 2016

City Court Judge Leticia Astacio charged with DWI.

Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio was charged with a DWI this morning. She was on her way to Rochester City Court to preside over Saturday morning arraignments when the state troopers nabbed her at 8 AM.
At 8 AM? What a party girl she must be. Still drunk the morning after the night before.
Astacio  also refused to take the breathalyzer test. Most people feel that refusing to take the breathalyzer test is indicative of guilt. Was she afraid the results of that test would prove she was plastered while on her way to administer justice?
Astacio's vehicle couldn't have been moving too fast. She had four flat tires and damage to the front of her vehicle.
Who or what did she hit?
She will go to court on March 11. If convicted, she will probably have to stand down from the office to which she was elected in 2014.
Here comes the irony.
Astacio joined the Monroe County district's office in 2007, and moved to the drunken driving bureau in 2009.
Apparently, that taught this broad nothing.
Ms. Astacio won election to her office as a Demagogue. One of the same Demagogues that had good, long, disapproving laughs over the drunken antics of several prominent Republicans in the Rochester area. Like former Monroe County Airport Manager Susan Walsh. Or Meghan Feasel, wife of Monroe county's former Communications Director Justin Feasel. Google them and salivate over their stories.
What is clear here is that lushes are to be found in all walks of life, with affiliations to both major parties.
I wonder if the Demagogues are still giggling about Walsh and Feasel now.
As for Astacio, she can always claim that the state troopers discriminated against her when she goes to trial because of her sex and ethnic background and not for the trivial fact that she was driving drunk and endangering other drivers and pedestrians. That usually works in our politically correct court system.

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