Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quit your bitching about the latest blizzard.

That's right.
People who have lived in Rochester most of their lives know that we get hit with lots of snow every so often during our winters. When it does happen, they act like this is something new. Which means that they are incredibly stupid.
Yesterday, we logged something like 18.5 inches at the Rochester Airport. The totals were higher, much higher, in persistent squall areas.
It was the second snowiest day in February in Rochester's history.
People knew of the snow warning days in advance and refused to prepare for it. That, too, means that they are stupid.
They have forgotten how to drive in deep snow. They have forgotten the basics about what equipment to keep in cars during snow storms and cold weather.
Most importantly, even knowing that driving conditions were dangerous, they took to the roads rather than call into work.
For safety's sake, they should have stayed at home. Most people don't have that kind of courage, so they drove and they bitched.
I will admit that both Mayor Lovely Warren and County Executive DiNolfo could have closed the city and county roads early in the morning, allowing only emergency vehicles on the road. That would have kept businesses closed and allowed for better cleanup of the streets.
The ladies didn't do that. People traveled to their jobs, only to find that their places of business were closing because of the storm.
That is if they didn't get stuck on the roads.
The mayor closed City Hall at noon. I guarantee that most of her overpaid staffers never showed up at all.
Hell, even the malls announced that they were closing because of the storm. They never close.
The snow removal crews weren't as effective as they could have been because of vehicles stranded and abandoned in the snow.
Sidewalk plows were affected by assholes who parked in their driveways straddling the sidewalks, making it impossible to plow the sidewalks effectively.
Rochesterians know all of this from previous winter experiences, but ignore it. Which is another definition of "stupid."
There were numerous random acts of kindness reported by the news media, about people helping dig out other people during the storm.
Which they wouldn't have had to do if people showed more intelligence regarding the situation. They should have stayed home.
That, as always, is lacking in most human beings.
After all, isn't government supposed to protect us from our own stupidity? We, of course, aren't capable of protecting government from theirs.

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