Monday, June 13, 2016

The gay massacre in Orlando: Don't blame a whole religion because of a few nuts.

That's right.
There are plenty of Fundamentalist Christians floating around out there who believe that all gays should be killed or converted to heterosexuality. Or that they should go back into their closets and hide.
All religions are oppressive by nature, demanding obedience to outmoded beliefs and behavior patterns, promising heaven in return.
Heaven, of course, is an unseen and unknown place that good people go to after they die if they've followed the dictates of their religious leaders.
Frequently, religion works hand in hand with politics and the state to impose oppressive beliefs on the rank and file, condemning them to hell and/or prison for objecting to these controls. This is a deadly combination from which even the United States is not immune.
On the other hand, many good people object to the violence, cruelty and fear that organized religions institutionalize for their survival. They are generally harmless, although sympathetic on occasion, and unwilling to protest too loudly out of fear of retribution.
It's the oddball extremists who raise the bar on cruelty, like Omar Mateen.
Mateen was American born, though of Muslim descent. He also had a history of trouble, and had been scrutinized by the FBI for some time.
That didn't prevent him from getting an assault weapon by legal means, which suggests that the people who oversee such purchases need more stringent guidelines.
Which would piss off devoted gun lovers who see such restrictions as a violation of their constitutional rights.
Like that Sarah Palin bitch.
The FBI has come up with some half-hearted explanations as to why their surveillance of Mateen didn't prevent him from legally purchasing a military assault weapon. Perhaps they were hoping that he would lead them to bigger fish to fry than Mateen alone.
Then, oops.
As for the massacre, Mateen worked alone. He was upset by the sight of two men kissing some days before and decided to commit a "propaganda of the deed" action that left more than fifty people dead.
He probably knew that he wouldn't survive, but what did that matter? He was willing to pay the supreme price to strike a blow against people that he felt had no right to live.
Plenty of Fundamentalist Christian extremists feel the same way.
Most Muslims, like most Christians and most Jews, are not an evil lot. They want to left alone to practice their religions in peace and quiet, whatever their inclinations toward the gay community.
It's the extremist nuts who kill and make trouble for the rest of them that are to be feared.
Unfortunately, many people are too stupid, hateful and fearful to understand that.

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