Tuesday, June 21, 2016

There's a little black bear roaming the suburbs. Big deal.

That's right.
A little black bear has been spotted in two of Rochester's suburbs over the last two days.
In the mean time, little thugs have been shooting and killing each other in the city of Rochester for years. In the last three days, there have been three shootings on Hague Street alone.
That doesn't count the shooting murder near School 54 last week, or the stabbing on Emerson Street this weekend, or those from the previous week.
Those locations are within spitting distance of each other, and are the usual venues for such activity on Rochester's west side.
It is also near Lyell Avenue, Prostitution Central of Rochester, New York.
But that is a different blog.
Ultimately, the little black bear will be cornered, anaesthetized and released in some forest in the Southern Tier from whence it came.
The little thugs might be caught, spend a little time behind bars and then turned loose into the neighborhoods where they do their drug deals, shootings and killings.
Political correctness requires it, so there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do about them, except perhaps hope that they all kill each other off.
I am less frightened of a little black bear in my backyard than I am of the little thugs that roam our streets.
Besides being dangerous, they're a bloody fucking embarrassment. Except to their mommas, daddies and baby mommas.

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