Monday, January 11, 2016

Rochester's first multiple homicide of 2016.

It has been only eleven days since 2016 began, which began with a terrorist threat on Rochester's east side.
There have plenty of shootings since then, most recently on Evergreen Street last night.
Today, firemen responding to a fire at 193-195 Leighton Street found four bodies at the scene. That, too, is on the east side.
The victims didn't die as a result of smoke inhalation or the fire. They were murdered. The fire was set to cover up the murders, only the perps didn't count on the Fire Department being as quick and efficient as they were.
It is now in the hands of the Rochester Police Department's homicide squad. And the Monroe County medical examiner, who will have to determine the time of death. The heat of the fire will probably interfere with the accuracy of that analysis.
What will not have to be determined is the cause of death: three of the victims were dispatched execution style with gun shots to the head; the throat of the fourth victim was cut.
Rochester has become THE place for multiple or mass murder.
I sincerely doubt that this latest multiple murder was caused by foreign terrorists. Just like last year's multiple murders, this was the result of our own, home grown, domestic lunatics.

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