Friday, December 11, 2015

David Gantt is at it again, according to David Andreatta.

Black racist State Assemblyman David Gantt has been up to yet another shady real estate deal with the City of Rochester. It is becoming a bad habit. Nobody dares to stand up to him or stop him, for the sake of political correctness.
Last summer, the D&C's rogue news reporter David Andreatta reported about Gantt's zombie property on Central Park. That bit of scamming cost the city $26,000 to demolish it.
Nobody can call Gantt a cheap politician when you figure out how much he costs the city for his real estate investments.
Today, Andreatta blew the whistle on Gantt's latest bit of con artistry in his well written and witty expose: "A slow clap for Assemblyman Gantt."
See the full story in the D&C for an in depth description of what transpired.
The following is a brief synopsis of that article, which will suffice for this blog.
Gantt has acquired yet another property on Lyndhurst Street ( he already owns six other properties there, most of which are under a limited liability company called LMG Management ) for nothing, thanks to a little known state law that allows people to acquire property belonging to someone else for nothing under something called the doctrine of "adverse possession."
The property is just across the street from his long time residence.
Furthermore, the city approved Gantt's application for money to fix up the property before he completed the "adverse possession" transaction, having begun to process it two years beforehand. The money Gantt is getting from the city is more than the property is worth.
Rochester mayor Lovely Warren is one of Gantt's numerous "children," so that should be no surprise.
Nobody in City Hall raised any eyebrows, despite the fact that Gantt has a history of property tax delinquencies, either paying them late or not at all. Nobody in City Hall dared to.
Mind you, it is all perfectly legal, if unethical.
But when white slumlords pull this kind of shit, there's all Hell to pay when the media gets their claws into it.
That's what political correctness is all about.
At least Gantt is providing inspiration to con artists everywhere, regardless of race, color, creed or national origin.

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