Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cannibalism and the black community.

It was hot and steamy in Rochester last night.
Hundreds of people were coming out of a basketball game at the Boys and Girls Club on Genesee Street.
It was a wholesome event. No problems resulted from the game itself.
Unfortunately, a drive-by shooter ( or shooters ) managed to kill three young men and wound four others before speeding off.
The bastards fired into a crowd of innocent people leaving the game.
The victims were black; the criminals who did this are presumed to be black.
And the black community is doing nothing.
White on black incidents, especially where the police are concerned, produce outrage and riots.
Black on black violence produces nothing apart from some sadness on the part of the victims' families. It produces a few photo opportunities for relatives and ministers who will say that this must stop. Until the next incident.
The sheer awfulness of last night's shooting made the whole world's newspapers today. It is undesirable media coverage.
Most of Rochester's shootings are black on black, resembling different groups of cannibals picking each other off at will. They have no fear of retribution. They want to inflict pain. To kill.
And one cannot blame the mayor or the police department. They can't legislate morality.
Nor the presence of illegal guns. These bastards have the willingness to use them and they do.
The black community must look to itself for the solution, especially black families who provide their children with a system of values.
Until it does, the shootings and the killings within the black community will continue.

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