Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What does it matter where Photonics locates in downtown Rochester?

A few weeks ago, Photonics announced it would locate its global headquarters in Rochester. This will supposedly solve all of Rochester's financial and social problems by bringing thousands of badly needed jobs here.
The Second Coming won't be better received.
Now our political assholes have to throw their weight around, squabbling about where it will be located downtown.
It would either be the Sibley Building or the Bausch and Lomb Building.
Photonics has decided that they want the Bausch and Lomb building to be their headquarters. That should have been an end to it.
That's not good enough for Assemblyman Joe Morelle.
He has made it clear that he and his local political brethren will decide which building Photonics will make its headquarters in.
Morelle is still pushing for the Sibley Building.
Personally, if I were going to locate a large scale business in Rochester, I'd be mighty pissed off if a few jumped up nobody politicians ordered me around. I'd probably choose a different, more grateful city and tell Morelle and his crew to go fuck off.
That might happen yet.

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