Friday, July 24, 2015

Sabrina Nesmith's lies cost a city worker his job.

Sabrina Nesmith complained that her son wandered away from the recreation center at School 42 last week and that nobody called to tell her that.
She also claimed that her mother found her son wandering along Lake Avenue.
The city promptly fired one recreation associate, Jason Johnson, and disciplined another.
The identity of the second person remains a mystery.
Jason Johnson promptly got hold of a surveillance tape at School 42 which showed the boy's grandmother picked him up at the school's driveway.
Sabrina Nesmith lied.
The city refuses to reinstate Jason Johnson because, as spokesperson James Smith put it,  "As part of that investigation it was discovered that policies and procedures were not followed which led to disciplinary action.  While we are aware of the video, its content does not change the result of the investigation or the course of discipline."
Smith never bothered to explain what policies and procedures were not followed. The recreation program at School 42 has an open door policy. Children may come and go as they please, although Smith claimed that there is a system in place for accounting for kids, without explaining what it is.
Sabrina Nesmith said that she's sorry about Johnson losing his job, but there should be a law preventing children from wandering off.
City Hall shit canned Johnson to prevent Nesmith from going to the media. She did anyway.She couldn't resist having her fifteen seconds worth of fame on local television news cameras. She conned the media like she conned City Hall.
Then video tape came to light. The tape didn't lie. It proved Nesmith did.
Now she's been caught in a lie, and is getting more than fifteen seconds worth of fame. Or infamy.
Johnson should lawyer up.

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