Saturday, June 6, 2015

Thumbs up, David Andreatta.

Rochester's local liberal newsrag, the Democrat and Chronicle, has a weekly "Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down" column.
Anything that even hints of liberal bullshit or insincere "mea culpas" to the black community will get a "Thumbs Up."
Correspondingly, anything that attempts to haul a crooked black politician onto the carpet will get a "Thumbs Down." If the D&C would mention it at all. It would be too inflammatory. It would not be in keeping with the pseudo liberal agenda they wish to promote.
Until now.
D&C columnist David Andreatta wittily exposed the tax dodging antics of State Assemblyman David Gantt in his column yesterday.
It is indeed worth reading.
Gantt owned a dilapidated house on Central Avenue. In the ghetto, a place filled with abandoned houses that are both eyesores and dangerous.
Rather than fix it up, he allowed it to deteriorate. Then he refused to pay the taxes on it, so the city had to take it. And now the city has to demolish it. Courtesy of the taxpayers.
Gantt whined that he paid the taxes on his other property. Since Gantt can shed crocodile tears at the drop of a hat, I am curious to know if he turned on the waterworks when confronted by his latest scam.
Most of us who live in Rochester are disgusted with slumlords. Especially the black community.
Yet the black community has not complained about David Gantt's slum property because he is one of their own and he is a celebrity. Gantt is the surrogate father figure, mentor and political boss of Mayor Warren: the power behind the drone.
He is also one of Rochester's most divisive political personalities, Molly Clifford being another.
It is fortunate that the two of them never mated.
Had Gantt been white, the black community would have complained about him a long time ago.
That's the ugly truth of the matter.
It's not politically correct to say so.
Mr. Andreatta suggested that when Gantt's property is demolished, it should be turned into a neighborhood "parkette" and named after Gantt.
A trash strewn empty lot in the middle of the ghetto would be a fitting tribute to David Gantt.
And "Thumbs Up" to David Andreatta for having the balls to write this story and film the video.
It takes balls of steel to tackle both Gantt and the D&C's editorial staff.

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