Sunday, May 31, 2015

Get ready for some new protests from the black community in Rochester.

A heavy set black man was tased  by the police this morning.
He died as a result.
The incident occurred in southwest Rochester. Within 30 hours, there were already two shootings and two stabbings in that part of the city.
They hardly got any notice from anyone.
But then, it was black on black violence.
This is different, because it involved a black man dying at the hands of the police.
According to Rochester's liberal newsrag, the Democrat and Chronicle:
"Police responded to Tremont Street in southwest Rochester at about 9 a.m. Sunday upon receiving reports that the man, driving a red pickup truck, had crashed into another vehicle and Calvary Spiritual Church, at the corner of Tremont and Morgan streets, then fled on foot.
After police and firefighters arrived, the man returned and, disobeying police orders, got back in his truck. He proceeded to crash into a street sign, a fence and a house, where he knocked over a gas meter," Police Chief Ciminelli said.
"He then locked himself in the cab as officers shouted for him to come out with his hands up.
Instead, according to police and a witness, he waited about five minutes, then came out charging at the police officers, with fists clenched. One of the officers on the scene then Tased him."
"The man received medical attention at the scene from certified emergency medical technicians and was then taken by ambulance to Strong Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Ciminelli said. An autopsy is being conducted."
An investigation into the incident is now being undertaken.
Apparently, a witness claims that he had seen the dead man driving wildly up and down the street for days. Nobody bothered to report him at that time, which says a lot.
We should expect to be treated to the spectacle of the black community staging some protests, marches and shouting "Black lives matter."
There will probably be some not so subtle threats about Ferguson and Baltimore.
This has now become standard operating procedure when a black person dies at the hands of a white police officer.
The identity of the officer who did the tasing is as yet unknown, but wouldn't it be a hoot if the officer were black?

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