Wednesday, May 13, 2015

To end poverty, we must first destroy the sub-culture that tolerates violence and death.

There is much talk about eliminating poverty in Rochester.
This is a sham.
Creating new committees to talk about the problem will do nothing, because they are tactfully ignoring the root causes of poverty, at least in Rochester.
The war on poverty has been going on for fifty years, since the Johnson Administration.
It produced affirmative action, political correctness and a lowering of standards to encourage social engineering.
It failed, at a cost of untold billions of dollars to taxpayers.
Bleeding heart liberal politicians still want the taxpayers to shell out even more.
The people most intimately affected are worse off now than they were when the war on poverty began.
Poverty is heavily concentrated in certain sections of Rochester. This is primarily where the black community lives: the ghetto.
There is no nice way of referring to it, although nobody likes to call it that.
It is also in the ghetto where most of the violence in Rochester takes place.
And where most of our murders occur.
Because that's where a sub-culture exists that has no respect for authority or personal responsibility and tolerates crime, violence and murder.
It starts with the family.
The families there consist largely of unwed teen mothers, absentee male authority figures, individuals with histories of crime as long as your arm and a heavy dependence on the Department of Social Services to provide basic subsistence.
That comes courtesy of you and me.
The same is true of the basic education offered by our public schools. Most of them don't want it or need it, since they believe it won't help them get anywhere. They see their fate as predestined or part of the natural order of things. School won't teach them to become better criminals or street savvy drug dealers.
So they don't go to school.
Most of those who do graduate are unprepared for anything approaching higher education because the standards have been lowered so that they would graduate. They can't read or write at a twelfth grade level, but have a diploma.
The diploma has become a sham, in the name of social engineering.
In return, society is told that they do not have to follow its rules, that they are entitled to succor after three hundred years of slavery in this country, and that they will resort to violence when the mood strikes if they are thwarted.
Racism has become their crutch. And more people are getting sick and tired of hearing those rants.
Their only loyalty is to their dysfunctional families. Crime and violence are okay, as long as it is conducted against non-family members. And being loyal to criminal family members is considered honorable. Don't snitch.
This is why Mayor Warren's "Operation Transformation" will fail, as will Assemblyman Joe Morelle's poverty initiative. It overlooks the need for personal responsibility for one's actions. Which is not the primary feature of the sub-culture in the ghettoes. It's everyone else's fault.
Mayor Warren's administration is minister-ridden. She depended heavily upon them to preach politics from the pulpit during her election campaign. In repayment, they wish to bask in the glow of celebrity. These same ministers have had no effect on stemming the birth of illegitimate children born to teen agers, which helps perpetuate poverty. Their sermons haven't stopped open air drug markets, or people from settling private scores by shooting or stabbing. Young criminals scoff at the ministers until they are incarcerated, then they demand their support to get out, usually citing racism as the reason they were jailed.
The crimes they committed had nothing to do with their being prosecuted and convicted, in their twisted minds.
The ministers, of course, are responding to the call to action, seeking publicity.
And they will fail.
Clergy on patrol is concentrating its efforts on members of a sub-culture that have already rejected anything approaching Christian morality.
The ghetto hepcats see such morality as "boogee," their way of pronouncing "bourgeois," and not something to imitate.
Their condition is not in god's hands, anyway, but in their own.
And society owes them nothing.
Mayor Warren: you really want to transform Rochester? Tell the girls to keep their legs together, stop making babies that will be supported by the taxpayer, go to school, graduate and stop hanging around bums. Tell the boys to stop making babies, go to school, graduate and stop letting your homeboys drag you into selling drugs. Become contributing members of society, not burdens who feel entitled to the fruits of others' hard work. To all the fine, young criminals: tell them when they break the law, they will go to jail and society will wash its hands of them.
And nobody but their nearest and dearest will mourn them when they fail.
That's the truth of the matter.
And nobody, not even those fine, Bible-thumping ministers, has the guts to tell the truth about it.

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