Saturday, May 2, 2015

Why aren't there any protest marches about the black on black violence here?

The recent events in Baltimore have been tragic.
What is worse has been the black community's response to the murder of Freddie Gray when in police custody.
Rioting and looting in that city against people who weren't involved in the murder of a black man at the hands of the police merely hardened opinion against the black community.
Except for the mother who dragged her looting son's ass out of the riot in front of the cameras.
She became a hero, merely because most parents wouldn't do such a thing.
Liberal politicians have produced laws that make disciplining children akin to child abuse.
When people run amok, those same lawmakers claim that the lack of parental discipline is responsible.
Yesterday, in Rochester, there was a protest against the events in Baltimore.
Stocked with members of the black community and their bleeding heart white allies who will endorse any sort of protest, as long as it's for a liberal cause, the message was that black lives matter.
Indeed, they do.
And it was the same after Ferguson, Missouri.
Yet there have been no similar rallies protesting the high amount of black on black violence here.
The recent shootings and stabbings resulting in a few homicides have produced no outrage in the black community.
At least not enough for the black community to take to the streets over it.
People might want to ask "Why?"
The answer is simple enough.
It's too embarrassing.
It's easier to raise the battle cry of "Black Lives Matter" when the police or whitey are involved.
It's different when the violence occurs within their own community.
Then it causes hardly a ripple beyond the families of the perpetrators and the victims.
Those incidents get little media coverage because they occur regularly.
They don't result in riots and looting.
Nobody shouts "Black Lives Matter" then.
The incidents in Baltimore are not a joke.
They revealed serious flaws within police departments across this nation.
They also revealed serious flaws within the leaders of the black community's responses to such provocation.
All it has done is harden opinion on both sides.
For the black community, that racism will prevent fair treatment of blacks by whitey and the police.
For whitey and the police, that blacks are prone to violence, making their neighborhoods dangerous and not good places for outside investment.
Go ahead and try to find a  realistic way to compromise.

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