Tuesday, May 19, 2015

City Hall should abandon developing Charlotte.

The Charlatans are at it again.
They will be meeting at the Robach Center in Charlotte on Thursday, May 21, to complain about City Hall's plans to develop Charlotte's waterfront.
Their biggest complaints are about a high rise hotel. And median market value housing.
Charlatans have confused that with subsidized housing.
The truth is that they don't want an influx of black coloreds living in their pristine urban village.
Hell, they don't even like black folk taking the bus to come up to Charlotte to use the beach in the summertime. They have previously suggested ending the busline further down Lake Avenue to make such an undertaking more difficult. This suggestion becomes even more popular after fights break out on the beach during the summer.
For the last seven or eight years, computer generated graphics of the development plan featured high-rise buildings on Lake Avenue at the beach.
It was only when a black woman was elected mayor and sought to implement those plans did all Hell break loose.
Charlatans are insulated, isolated and inbred. They talk a good show about Charlotte's glorious past, forgetting that if it hadn't been for Rochester, upstream on the Genesee River, Charlotte would be nothing.
Even in its heyday, Charlotte was never one of the Great Lakes busiest ports.
While the Charlatans claim that they want development in their urban village, they have never developed any plans of their own. That's because they really don't want anything to change. All they can do is bitch about the city's plans. And draw attention to themselves again.
Like they will do on Thursday night.
The rest of the city has gotten bored with Charlotte. Rochester's troubled neighborhoods have stopped caring about the laughable antics of Charlotte Strong and are not sympathetic to their complaints.
Most feel the time, effort and money could be better spent elsewhere.
The mayor should abandon the current plans for waterfront development in Charlotte and focus on parts of the city that would welcome such attention.

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