Friday, May 22, 2015

And what about Canandaigua?

The City of Canandaigua is moving full speed ahead to develop the northern shore of Canandaigua Lake.
The people of Canandaigua appear to be happy about this. It will make use of previously unusable land and add to their small city charm.
It was formerly a brownfield.
This means that it needed a massive cleanup before any sort of development could occur.
The development will consist of mixed use buildings, retail and residences.
The people of Canandaigua see this development as a way to draw more people, both residents and tourists, to their charming city.
Then there's the urban village of Charlotte in Rochester.
Canandaigua and Charlotte seem similar in location and weather. Both are on lakes; both have the same winter weather; both have long histories.
But the Charlatans are uninterested in similar development plans proposed by City Hall.
They met at the Robach Center last night to complain about it. Again.
Only the numbers that Charlotte Strong's rabble rousers can muster to complain about the proposed development have dwindled.
The Charlatans don't want "development." They don't want "change." They don't want "tourists."
At least not the "wrong" kind of tourists. Especially on holiday weekends.
A "tourist" in Charlotte is anyone who doesn't live there, even if you live in another part of the City of Rochester.
The mayor would be better advised if they scrapped their plans for development in Charlotte entirely and concentrate on developing "Canal Town" downtown. Plenty of people have been asking about that for years.
City Hall could use Canandaigua as their example.
Charlotte can be left exactly as it is.

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