Friday, December 26, 2014

Opening Shots

Hello, everyone.

Steve ( Istvan ) Bathory here.

I am a lifelong Rochester resident, the son of Hungarian refugees.

I was born and brought up here in Rochester. I grew up on Clifford Avenue, near Joseph Avenue.

My parents sent me to Catholic grammar school, where the nuns tried beating religion into their students, to make them as God-fearing, ignorant and bigoted as they were.

I went to the old Edison Tech on Clifford Avenue, where they taught useful trades to their students ( then ).

After a three year stint in the Army ( sitting out the Vietnam war at Fort Dix was no easy matter ), I went to RIT and then onto Kodak.

I retired ten years ago, and have enough leisure time to watch how Rochester is going down the toilet at the hands of the Democratic factions in control of the city's government. The Republicans have their share of blame there, too. They abandoned the city to its fate years ago, making the city Republicans look ridiculous.

That's why Bob Duffy changed his party affiliation, to make himself more palatable to Rochester's voters. Being electable did not make him any smarter or better a leader, but it has made him a local celebrity. He's smart enough to laugh all the way to the bank because of it.

That's the reason for my writing this blog.

Ever since the D&C got rid of Andy Rau as a blogger ( his joining the Warren Administration would make his comments seem biased, not that the D&C's have been anything but biased in favor of the Gantt wing of the local Democrats ), there has been nothing balanced in that journalistic rag that would seriously criticize the city's Democratic government in general or the mayor's office in particular.

I choose the title of my blog to be "Disturbing the Peace." It is to disturb the peace of the smug politicians and their appointees.

Stay tuned for future blogs. I can guarantee you that they won't be flattering.

And if some of you must resort to the old saying, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all," I beg to differ. Silence is what those political con men now in office rely upon.

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