Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lulubelle and HillBilly: Two old bags of a feather flocking together.

Octogenarian congresswoman and Demagogic sacred cow Lulubelle Slaughter will be in Rochester today.
She will be participating in a "Hillbilly for President" roundtable at the 1872 Café on West Main Street at 2 PM.
Topics of the meeting will not include Benghazi, e-mails or HillBilly's general dishonesty. That's because Lulubelle supports Hillbilly, lies and all.
They have so much in common. Maybe it's just female solidarity.
Hillbilly won't be here. She's too busy spreading her bullshit across America to stop in Rochester. Yet.
The choice of the 1872 Café as a gathering place for this event is appropriate. It is in what is acclaimed as the Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood, where the famed suffragette lived and died.
When arrested for attempting to vote in 1872 ( hence the name of the café ), and asked how she voted, Ms. Anthony answered "Straight Republican."
Maybe these two bitches can learn something from Ms. Anthony after all.
In the meantime, there goes the neighborhood.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Judge Leticia Astacio loses her driver's license for a year.

City Court Judge Leticia Astacio was convicted of DWI today.
Her driver's license has been suspended for one year.
Astacio said she will appeal her conviction. She claims that she refused to take the sobriety test because of brain damage she had incurred during a pregnancy. She says it would have caused her to walk in such a manner that would have convinced the officers that she was drunk.
Instead, she let her other actions convince the officers that she was plastered.
Was her rudeness towards the arresting officers also due to her brain damage? Did her brain damage also prevent her from being a safe driver? Worse still, do her claims to brain damage also reflect on the court decisions she has made and will continue to make?
Beats me.
Nobody has yet explained why she had four flat tires, considerable damage to her vehicle and her bizarre behavior when the police happened upon the scene to arrest her.
Maybe that, too, was the result of her brain damage.
I don't believe any of that. She was plastered.
Astacio's brain isn't damaged. It is merely full of shit.
She got off easy.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mayor Warren endorses Harry Bronson.

Big deal.
State Assemblyman Bronson doesn't represent the district the mayor lives in, so he's no threat to her. She doesn't want his job, anyway. That would necessitate taking a pay cut by nearly 50%. So the mayor could afford to be gracious and endorse Harry, which is completely out of character for her.
On the other hand, Bronson never needed the support of Lovely Warren or David Gantt before. Their support is negligible at best, or unnecessary at worst. Harry's base of support is the gay ghetto, not the black ghetto. It is also doubtful that the mayor will open up her campaign coffers to him. She saves them only for herself. Lovely's tepid support will cost her nothing and perhaps disarm one or two Establishment Demagogues.
Bronson is in the pocket of one the mayor's deadliest enemies, slick Joe Morelle pere. Warren can claim that she is building bridges between the two dysfunctional halves of the local Demagogic party.
Which is a lie. Neither faction wants to build bridges. They both wish to destroy the other.
Mayor Warren pissed off the Establishment Demagogues when she refused to endorse Sandra Frankel for Monroe County Executive. She continued to piss them off by not wholeheartedly supporting octogenarian Congresswoman Lulubelle Slaughter in her current bid for re election.
Some people thought the mayor wanted Lulubelle's seat. That was not the case. At least not this time around.
A gesture of sorts to promote party unity was necessary, especially with Mayor Warren running for re election in 2017.
But it is essentially meaningless. Harry doesn't need the Gantt-Warren faction for anything. Not when he has the gay vote on his side.
Who does the mayor think she's kidding? Her cheerleading squad?

Friday, March 11, 2016

City Court Judge Leticia Astacio pleads not guilty to DWI.

That was to be expected.
She claims that the state troopers who arrested her never saw her driving the vehicle. That is probably true. The vehicle had four flat tires and extensive front end damage. It wasn't going anywhere at that point.
I doubt that she was walking along the road and just happened to get into the disabled vehicle.
Since Astacio refused to take the breathalyzer test, the preliminary breath screen test registered at more than double the legal limit, .19 %.
The preliminary breath screen test is not admissible in court.
Astacio also claimed to have suffered some sort of brain injury during a pregnancy, which is why she couldn't take the roadside sobriety test. Which is bullshit. It doesn't prevent her from undergoing grueling hour long full body workouts. Not that anyone could notice.
Women who demand equality with men usually fall back on feminine complaints in order to get special treatment when they're in trouble. Pregnancy and complications arising therefrom are always sure fire winners in that respect.
And shouldn't we all be worried about a judge whose brain injury has produced both serious flaws in judgment and the appearance of intoxication?
The arresting officers recounted that Astacio told them to mind their own fucking business, that they were fucking ruining her life, that she would never do this to them, that this was not part of their fucking job and other choice tidbits. Statements made by a pampered, spoiled woman who was not getting her way and was certainly unconcerned with justice.
Those statements, too, are recounted in the D&C.
It is clear that Astacio didn't trust the police.
She'll be heading back to court on April 25.
Her attorney claimed that Astacio's arrest didn't occur "like normal arrests occur."
That's true enough. Astacio is a public official, and should have expected to be held to a higher standard. That is what has provoked interest in her case. It is also why the arresting officers were so careful to report everything she said and did during her arrest. They knew they were dealing with a city court judge.
Ed Fiandach, her attorney, is rather a hypocrite. He didn't really want Astacio to be treated "normally."
Neither did Astacio. She wanted to be treated as special and the officers to let her go because she is an elected Hispanic official with tits.
But where could she go with four flat tires?
You can read the entire story in Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C. It is hilarious.
If convicted, Astacio faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. But don't hold your breath for that eventuality.
According to David Andreatta's article in the D&C ( "Judge Astacio isn't going anywhere" ), it is unlikely that she will receive anything more serious than a knuckle rapping.
Dismal but true.
Ain't justice for all grand?
Nobody seems to know how the front end of her vehicle got extensively damaged, or how all four tires got flat.
Maybe Fiandach knows?

Watch out for the cops on St. Patrick's Day weekend.

Tomorrow the City of Rochester will hold its annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.
St. Patrick was the Italian man credited with driving the snakes out of Ireland.
The city always has the parade on Saturday rather than March 17 for a couple of reasons.
One: The parade route runs through downtown Rochester, which has been dead for years. The few offices that remain downtown are closed on weekends, meaning that there will be next to no traffic to control.
Two: St. Patrick's Day weekend is an excuse for the uninhibited imbibing of Irish-style beers and whisky, as if some dipsomaniacs need an excuse. This activity will start tonight and continue through Sunday. Hopefully, the revelers will be able to nurse their hangovers and be in to work reasonably sober on Monday morning. It's more convenient to go out on a weekend drunk than a mid week one.
It is because of this fact that the police will be out in full force this weekend, establishing sobriety checkpoints throughout the city and surrounding areas, to catch drunk drivers. It's a big day for law enforcement, since they usually nab plenty of boozehounds on their way home from celebrating.
Most restaurants will be offering entrees of corned beef and cabbage to celebrate the day. As I understand it, that is an American, not an Irish, bill of fare.
The parade itself will feature some Irish-style dancing, a very few Irish-American organizations, politicians looking to be seen in public or running for office and for the most part associations and city departments that have nothing to do with Ireland or Italy. They'll be decked out in green, wearing shamrock symbols and other accessories purchased from the Dollar Store trying to look Irish.
Whatever in Hell that means.
But whatever you do this weekend, watch out for the cops.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Rochester's Finance Director gets picked up for DWI. Sorry, Charlie.

City Finance Director Charles Benincasa got charged with DWI last night.
The police got a report that his vehicle was involved in a collision at the McDonalds on Main Street and Culver Road.
The police later learned that no collision had in fact occurred. This begs the question, who claimed that one had? Who had it out for Charlie? Who called in a false complaint that led to his arrest?
And what in Hell was he doing at a McDonalds anyway?
It has been years since I've been to a McDonalds, so I have no clue if they feature alcoholic beverages on their menu. The quality of their food items is enough to sicken anyone and make them puke, but I doubt if they could produce the symptoms of alcoholic intoxication.
Benincasa is a large, portly man. Perhaps he suffers from diabetes.
That was the excuse offered two years ago by then Communications Director Christine Christopher regarding Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon's arrest for DWI. He hasn't been seen around town much in the last two years. Perhaps he's been in rehab, let out just often enough to keep him on the city's payroll.
The current Communications Director James Smith, who beat the rap for his involvement in the ROBUTRAD scandal a few years ago, said that the city has a program for employees with substance abuse problems.
Does that include treatment for Big Mac attacks washed down with a couple of beers?
Benincasa's court date is March 24. Like Redon before him, he will probably get a slap on the wrist and continue to work for the city.