Thursday, February 26, 2015

Adam McFadden to run anyway.

Despite playing it coy for a couple of weeks and claiming he hadn't yet decided to run for re-election to his southwest district City Council seat, Adam McFadden announced that he will run for a fourth term.
It was to be expected. He hasn't got much room to maneuver for anything else.
And it was certainly no surprise.
His shady appointment to the Rochester Housing Authority resulted in a scandal to the Warren Administration, and McFadden was told by the Feds that he would have to stand down.
It is doubtful that he would now be reappointed to it if he gave up his seat on City Council.
There weren't too many other political options left for him to mull over.
He couldn't run for Monroe County Legislature. McFadden's allies already have those seats sewn up in those districts David Gantt controls.
McFadden has already lent his support to the candidacy of LaShay Harris for County Legislature in his LD, which precludes him from running there.
David Gantt isn't ready to give up the ghost where his own State Assembly seat is concerned, so McFadden can't run for that.
Not yet.
That leaves City Council, where he sits and looks bored during the segment where citizens may address them.
If he shows up in time for it.
It is a nice little mini-career for a few hours a month's work.
That's why Michael Patterson and Elaine Spaull are running for re-election for their respective City Council district seats. Nobody thought that they wouldn't, either. The perquisites are too great, and there are no term limits.
Nice work, if you can get it.

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