Friday, February 27, 2015

Former D.A. Mike Green might run against Sandra Doorley.

That is if MCDC chairman Dave Garretson has his way.
He is still reeling over Doorley's re-conversion to the Republican Party.
Garretson is hoping that having the former D.A. running against the current one will make the election lively.
He thinks that lively election campaigns bring out the voters, and most people in Monroe County are registered as Democrats.
Which doesn't explain why most of Monroe County is controlled by Republicans, including Garretson's own town of Greece.
It doesn't explain the piss-poor turnout during Rochester's mayoral campaign of 2013, which was lively if depressing.
That campaign was also enlivened by the underhanded tactics of Molly Clifford and her familiars.
What Garretson is counting on is a Green victory to punish Doorley for her defection from the Democrats.
Garretson is not asking the voters to judge Doorley or Green's records as D.A., merely their party affiliation.
The problem is that Green has said nothing about running. Or that he is even considering such a run.
Garretson is doing all of the talking.
If Green chooses not to run, it will be yet another embarrassment for Garretson.
Garretson should be accustomed to those by now. They have been coming hard, fast and below the belt ever since he took over as MCDC chairman.
He is the one who needs Democratic victories.

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