Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Democrats plan to run a non-entity for LD 26.

The Democrats are desperate to unseat the Republican incumbent for LD 26 this November.
Not because he is bad, indifferent or ineffective. The Democrats have offered up their share of similar types for the County Legislature before.
And won.
Even if Tony Micciche were any good, that wouldn't matter.
It's merely that he is a Republican.
That he has no real connection to LD 26 is not an issue.
Because what the Democrats have finally come up with is a complete unknown in the northwest, too.
It has been announced that the Democrats will be running Yversha Roman, an assistant director of school-based programs at the Center for Youth Services Inc. She got that position courtesy of Elaine Spaull, city councilman for the east district, to make Roman look like she's worth something.
I have never heard of her before, and I have lived in the northwest for 25 years.
But then I never heard of Micciche either, until he ran for office four years ago.
He was never involved in the northwest before that time. He still isn't.
Neither is Roman.
She's a non-entity, but she's a Democrat.
And the Democratic committee is counting on the mere numerical superiority of registered Democrats to win, rather than any accomplishments Roman has to offer because she has none.
Steve Eckel, Micciche's Democratic predecessor, counted on the same thing.
It didn't work.
But now the Democrats have someone to challenge the Republican incumbent.
Even if nobody has ever heard of her before.
All they needed was someone to vote the way the other Democrats in the County Legislature do.
If she wins.
Anyone would have worked out just as well.
It will be interesting to see what kind of propaganda the Democrats will use to sell her to the voters.

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