Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bill Reilich's stupid statement.

I usually confine myself to posting about Rochester.
There's enough bullshit going on in our city's politics that would keep a legitimate newspaper running and reporting 24/7.
Unfortunately, we don't have anything approaching a legitimate newspaper anymore to do it.
But a statement made by Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich piqued my interest and raised my hackles.
It was in reference to the Town of Greece making a settlement on two women who alleged they were coerced into having sex by former Greece police officer Gary Pignato.
The sum of the settlement was never mentioned.
But Reilich stated that the settlement amount "is not one taxpayer dollar."
The insurance is supposed to cover it.
But the insurance company, Lloyd's of London, has already refused to cover the cost of litigation.
Lloyd's argument was that Pignato was "not acting within the scope of [his] duties at the time."
The Town of Greece filed a lawsuit against Lloyd's last year.
And Reilich has forgotten that taxpayer dollars paid for those insurance premiums.
If the insurance company won't pay off those two women, who will?

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