Monday, February 23, 2015

Lulubelle to run again.

It has been reported that Democratic sacred cow and political relic Congresswoman Louise Slaughter will run for re-election in 2016.
A year away.
Lulubelle was nearly defeated five months ago.
Her opponent was Republican Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini.
Assini has stated that he will run again in 2016.
Obviously, this has Lulubelle's motley crew of political parasites worried.
During the 2014 election, Lulubelle had four times the financial warchest of Assini. That was courtesy of the PACs ( political action committees ) that buy elections for the candidates of their choice.
Most such committees are not local, but are completely legal if not ethical.
She had the full support of the MCDC, which mustered armies of volunteers for her.
Lulubelle also had name recognition beyond the perimeters of a small town.
Assini had little cash, no real support from the Monroe County GOP ( in money, man power or material ) and no name recognition beyond Gates.
Yet he nearly defeated Lulubelle.
This propelled Assini into national prominence. He is now regarded as the new Republican star.
The Monroe County GOP won't be ignoring him in 2016.
As for Lulubelle, she has spent thirty years occupying a seat in the House of Representatives.
She has provided the Rochester area with sweet little nothings during her entire tenure in office.
Lulubelle has become an anachronism in her own time.
Her last re-election campaign proved it.
It's time for her to stand down and retire.
Good luck to Mr. Assini in 2016.

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