Saturday, February 7, 2015

LaShay Harris to run for county legislature.

Every seat is up for grabs this year in the Monroe County Legislature.
Incumbents who haven't been termed out will run for re-election.
Whether or not they have been useless morons will not be considered during their campaigns.
Incumbents who have been termed out and can't run again will have to give way to new blood, such as it is.
This is the case in LD 27.
LaShay Harris has announced that she will run for that seat.
Ms. Harris is an ideal candidate.
She grew up and still resides in the 19th Ward.
She has been a tireless advocate and spokeswoman for her neighborhood.
She has been her neighborhood association president.
Ms. Harris' passion for her neighborhood suits her for elected office.
This is in stark contrast to Molly Clifford ( running for the northwest district city council seat ), a carpetbagger if there ever was one.
The deck is subtly stacked in Ms. Harris' favor, so she should have an easy victory.
She has the support of Willie Lightfoot, the current incumbent.
No Republicans will offer at candidate for LD 27, so she has nothing to fear from that quarter.
The white, elitist Morelle-Clifford wing of the Democratic party cuts no ice in the southwest, and they aren't stupid enough to attempt running a candidate against Ms. Harris.
Ms. Harris also has the support of City Councilman Adam McFadden.
That can only help her.
While McFadden might be notorious and disliked by many in the city of Rochester, he is well loved in the southwest district.
There is no accounting for taste.
At least Ms. Harris is a good candidate.

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