Friday, March 27, 2015

Adam McFadden at it again.

Adam McFadden wants to lead the Rochester Housing Authority. Again.
Never mind the fact that he isn't qualified for it.
Or that he was bounced out for conflict of interest after a few months on the job. And $30,000 later.
The conflict is that he is a city councilman for the southwest district.
He still is, and is running for re election to that office.
McFadden claims that he was told by somebody in HUD in Washington DC they doubted the opinion of the Buffalo office that there was a conflict of interest.
McFadden made this claim in a letter to RHA when applying for the lead position.
The letter hasn't been released for popular consumption.
Nor has the name of the person or persons who supposedly told McFadden this.
McFadden might have saved his ink and paper.
H. Todd Bullard, the board's employment counsel, said "Adam's application will not be considered and letters will go out to five other applicants who arguably have potential conflicts."
That should be an end to it.
But it probably won't be.
Not until Mayor Warren puts in her two cents.
Until then, you have got to admire McFadden's nerve. Or gall.
He ought to put his money where his mouth is and lawyer up.
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