Monday, March 16, 2015

Rochester's School Board rejects Dr. Vargas' offer.

Rochester Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bolgen Vargas offered to drop his lawsuit against the School Board.
That suggests Vargas has a weak case, especially since it would have left the School Board's ruling intact.
That ruling stripped Vargas of some of his powers as superintendent.
In exchange, the School Board would extend his contract by two years. It expires next year.
That suggests that Vargas thinks the School Board is stupider than they are.
It is not the deal of the century, especially since they can't get along with each other.
I doubt that the School Board is entertaining notions of growing any older with Vargas at the helm of their sinking ship. They were probably not going to renew his contract when it expired at the end of the 2015 - 2016 school year.
So the School Board rejected Vargas' offer.
Vargas must now wait until April 4 to file his lawsuit against the School Board.
If he plans on pursuing the matter.
It won't shore up what's left of his reputation, but winning a lawsuit might just help his bank account.
There will be a lot of monkey business going on behind the scenes until that date.
Regardless of what happens, the Rochester City School District will still muddle along at the bottom of the barrel.

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