Friday, March 6, 2015

Enough bitching about the snow, already.

Mayor Warren is not responsible for the weather.
It is not her fault that so much snow was dumped on Rochester.
It is not her fault that we have had weeks of near-zero and sub-zero temperatures.
The bitter cold prevented any appreciable melt downs between the numerous blizzards we have experienced.
That's why snow has been piling up on snow, leaving no place to put any new snow that falls.
It was the coldest February in Rochester's history.
If people want to blame anyone, they might as well blame God. If they believe in God.
But they haven't got the guts to do that.
He might get even with them.
So they blame the mayor and her crew.
The mayor has plenty of sins to answer for.
This isn't one of them.
But the morons keep on blaming the mayor.
They aren't blaming the assholes who park in the streets, especially narrower streets, even when they have driveways they could park in.
That's why the snow removal crews can't do as good a job as they might have.
Some assholes are probably afraid of having their cars plowed into their driveways, and don't want to shovel their driveways out.
So the snow removal teams have to move around them, burying their cars in snow.
They bitch, shovel their cars out and toss the snow back into the street, compounding the problem.
There are also plenty of assholes who throw the snow from their driveways into the street, then bitch about the streets not being plowed when they have a tough time maneuvering their vehicles through all the ruts their actions have created.
I believe that the situation has been reasonably well handled, given all of the circumstances involving this winter.
I have only one bit of advice to offer Norman Jones, the Commissioner of Environmental Services.
The next time we are hit like this, have the mayor order all cars off of the streets.
That's right, all of them.
Tow and ticket the cars that are left.
Then do a thorough plowing of the streets.
When the assholes complain, and they will, and threaten to move out of Rochester, let them.
Rochester has more than its share of assholes, anyway.

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