Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The inept superintendent of schools is suing the equally inept school board.

Dr. Bolgen Vargas is suing the Rochester School Board because he claims their recent attempted actions were a unilateral rewriting of his contract without his consent.  Vargas' attorney said this would hamper his ability to perform his job.
That is an odd statement.
Neither Vargas nor the school board has been doing much of a job, except to preside over the worst school district in the state.
It is also one of the worst in the entire nation.
That's quite an accomplishment.
They are not ashamed of it.
The action I am referring to is to eliminate some of his non-union employees, the Superintendent's Employment Group.
SEG is an extraneous, expensive group of parasites.
What is more, larger school districts, such as Buffalo, have made do with fewer such employees.
Since these are non-union employees, Adam Urbanski hasn't offered his opinion about it.
If the school board is worried, they have nobody but themselves to blame.
They appointed Vargas to his quarter of a million dollar job.
He makes roughly twice what the mayor does.
The school board makes less than ten percent what Vargas does, for twenty hours of work per year.
The school board is elected by the voters.
The voters elect them based on race and ethnic background.
And the voters keep on re-electing them, no matter how miserably they have failed.
Which means that the voters are plenty stupid. Birds of a feather.
It will be the voters who will pay the legal fees involved in the lawsuit.
Vargas is probably looking to feather his nest before the axe falls and mayoral control of the schools is instituted.
Then, out he goes.
Why keep on a known and notable failure when mayoral control will be a controversial enough undertaking?
Or maybe Vargas is just looking to force the school board to buy out his contract.
He sat on the school board when they bought out Superintendent Janey's contract years ago.
Perhaps he learned something from that experience. Perhaps he's not as stupid as he usually sounds.
Vargas isn't answering any questions. He's allowing his attorney, Steve Modica, to do all of the talking for him.
That was a wise move,

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