Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Filling up the county executive race.

County Clerk Cheryl DiNolfo declared her candidacy for County Executive months ago.
She wishes to follow in Maggie Brooks' footsteps and has been understudying for the role ever since she became County Clerk.
DiNolfo is known for her perfect hair; her perfect make-up; her perfect nails; her perfect clothes and her three-inch heels.
Her campaign has been quiet up to this point because she has been swinging exclusively in Republican circles.
Given the fact that the Republicans control most of the county, that might not be such a bad tactic.
Democrat Sandra Frankel announced yesterday that she will challenge DiNolfo for the office.
It will be Frankel's second attempt to become County Executive.
Frankel was Brighton Town Supervisor for nearly twenty years.
It was, and remains, one of the most expensive places in Monroe County in which to live.
Frankel, a charming, soft-spoken lady, was soundly defeated by Brooks in 2011.
Even the stench of corruption pervading Brooks' personal, professional and political life did not preclude her from winning her third and final term.
Frankel was simply too much of a lady and too kind for the fight then.
Nor did she receive adequate support from the MCDC.
Perhaps she and they have learned their lessons.
If they have, it will be a lively campaign.
State Assemblyman Harry Bronson is also mulling over a campaign against DiNolfo.
It is ironic that they both worked for the same company after they graduated from law school.
Bronson has had a string of election victories in the last decade, especially against anti-gay Republican challengers.
There the deck was stacked in his favor.
Bronson's district includes parts of Rochester that are heavily populated by the gay community.
As an openly gay man, Bronson was able to exploit that political capital to his advantage.
That advantage would be severely diminished in a county wide race where Republicans hold sway and are not sympathetic to the gay community, to say the least.
His chances of winning are not good.
County Minority Leader Carrie Andrews rounds out the Democratic triumvirate.
Because of term limits, she cannot run again. So she needs a new hobby.
There are no other local races she could simply slide into and hope to win.
That leaves only the County Executive race.
Unfortunately, Andrews is not a practitioner of the art of compromise, which would not reassure the Republican dominated towns.
Moreover, it is doubtful that enough Republicans will lose legislature seats to make Democrats the majority party there.
If she won, which is highly unlikely, she would be saddled with a Republican dominated County Legislature that would ride roughshod over her.
At least it would make their meetings interesting.
But she is the least likely candidate to win.
I wonder if there will be any other takers.

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