Sunday, April 12, 2015

HillBilly Clinton to run for president again.

HillBilly Clinton, the power-crazed, female half of America's Ceausescus, announced that she would run for president.
That was not unexpected.
Only those people who are incredibly stupid and in need of being institutionalized would have thought that she wouldn't.
Mrs. Clinton is running because neither she nor her husband have any shame worth mentioning.
Their only local equivalent, much lower on the power scale but every bit as sinister, are Molly Clifford and her boy-toy Ken Warner.
Equally sinister Democratic leaders, like Cuomo, are also supporting Mrs. Clinton's run, because birds of a feather flock together.
And because nobody wanted him as president.
Members of the women's movement and their supporters are oohing and ahhing over Mrs. Clinton's announcement.
They want a woman president.
That the woman candidate in question is more than just slightly shady doesn't seem to worry them one bit
Yet Mrs. Clinton's clawing her way up the political ladder has no really modern elements to it, or even reflects the rantings and the ravings of the far left wing of the women's liberation movement.
Simply put, Mrs. Clinton got to where she is because of a man.
Her husband.
Nobody ever would have heard of her had her husband not been elected Governor of Arkansas and then President of the United States.
Her husband was an adulterous pig in Arkansas and in the Oval ( or is it Oral ) Office.
His attempts to convince his bimbo, Monica Slutinsky, to perjure herself was the real issue in the latter case, not his healthy sexual appetite.
It was the Democrats who turned that circus into a moral issue, not a legal one.
Hillbilly played the role of the hurt but supportive wife to perfection.
In exchange, her husband gave her a license to steal.
Most cheating husbands buy their wives cars or diamonds to make up for their piggish behavior.
Billbo bought her a Senate seat, financed by the federal taxpayers.
She did nothing there but bide her time.
Hillbilly didn't win the presidential election in 2008, because most white bleeding heart liberals allied with the black community to elected Barack Obama.
They felt it was more chic to have a bi-racial man as president than a dumpy, old white bag.
Obama shut Hillbilly up by making her Secretary of State, where she made a mess of that office.
When confronted about Benghazi, Hillbilly resorted to traditionally female tactics: she cried, pleaded illness and fainted.
These are the credentials she feels make her fit to become the next president.
The only thing that even vaguely makes Hillbilly look like a modern woman was her involvement in the Whitewater scandal.
That ended badly, too.

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