Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You can blame the Democrats for the downtown transit center.

For years, youth violence has been a regular occurrence at the bus transfer site on Main Street.
There has been no real outrage about youth violence downtown, apart from the local media using it as filler between their weather and sports segments.
Most Rochesterians have come to accept that as a normal, if ugly, fact of life.
It is one of our blood sports.
True, it might bother a few business people when they are trying to peddle downtown Rochester to outside developers.
However, we have been assured by City Hall that downtown Rochester is coming along just nicely.
They are among the morons who somehow believed moving the transfer site to a new Transit Center just around the corner would curtail the violence on Main Street.
It worked. On Main Street.
Youth violence is now concentrated at the new Transit Center, 500 feet away, on Clinton Avenue.
The police, RTS, the school board and the superintendent of schools are all merrily pointing fingers at each other.
The Democrats are to blame.
Republican Maggie Brooks' vision of Renaissance Square featured a bus terminal at the current location.
It was shot down by the Democrats only because Brooks was a Republican, not because it was a stupid plan.
It was stupid.
Within a year, Rochester Mayor Bob Doofus requested a transit center on the same site. Since Doofus was a Democrat, the Democrats who own City Council gladly obliged him.
If Doofus had still been a Republican, it is doubtful that they would have acceded to his wishes.
That is the truth of the matter.
The transit center opened last November, entertaining other passengers with youth violence and regular stabbings ever since.
You can thank the assholes on City Council for that.
With the exception of Mike Patterson, who hadn't been appointed to it yet; and Carolee Conklin, who said it was a 19th century solution to a 21st century problem.
The new transit center: the Democrats' gift to downtown redevelopment and to emergency wards at every nearby hospital.

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