Saturday, April 11, 2015

Who in Hell is Dorothy Styk?

Much has been made of County Legislator Dorothy Styk's conversion to the Democratic Party.
Some people have claimed that this signals a swing to the Left in Monroe County.
It is no such thing.
First, she is not prominent.
Styk was appointed to her post, and was elected to it only last November.
She hasn't been around long enough to make her more than an item of passing interest.
Second, her district has more registered Republicans than Democrats.
They are the ones who elected her .
Third, she will have to run for office again this year, since all of the county legislature's seats are up for grabs.
Since it is an election year, all of the legislators will be out campaigning and too busy to do anything of importance until after the election.
This means that Styk, whatever her supposed good intentions, won't be able to prove herself capable of doing anything of note.
Running as a Democrat in a Republican dominated district might be problematic for her after her sudden conversion.
Fourth, the county GOP already had a candidate with which to replace her within seconds of her conversion.
This means that they weren't happy with her, either
After so many setbacks in the last few months, the MCDC and their mentally challenged supporters among the media are crowing way too loud about this non-event.
Lets see if the Democrats will put their money where their big mouths are to pull out the stops for Styk.

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  1. Styk lost her bid for re-election as a Demagogue last night, effectively returning her district to Republican control. So much for Ken Warner's statement that her defection to the Demagogues signaled a swing to the left in the county. Warner clearly didn't know what he was talking about.