Thursday, April 23, 2015

The continued asininity of the Rochester School Board.

Everyone already knows that Rochester's inept superintendent of schools Bolgen Vargas wants to sue the equally inept school board. They were infringing on his rights. His attorney has already stated Vargas would drop the suit if they extended his contract past the 2016 school year.
Rochester's City Newspaper has reported that talks between the two parties will decide Vargas' fate. The same paper also reported that board member Willa Powell didn't want to search for a new superintendent, saying that this is just a family squabble that can be resolved.
It is the same school board that hired Vargas in the first place.
Both preside over the worst school system in New York State. It is also one of the worst school systems in the entire USA.
And isn't it Powell and the commissioners' duty to search for a new superintendent if the current one has been tried and found wanting? Perhaps she isn't up to it any more.
The school board has hired a parade of inept superintendents over the years. The public schools here have continued to decline, providing many parents who reside in Rochester  a viable reason to move to the suburbs so their school age children can attend arguably better school systems. The school board and the superintendent feel no shame at this, since they continually point the finger at each other and anyone else who might be handy to blame.
Admittedly, many parents are blameworthy. They have entrusted their children to the school system, expecting it to raise their children for them. They blame the teachers, the school board and the superintendents for the piss poor education offered to their children. Then, like the typical assholes that most voters are, proceed to re elect the self same commissioners to the school board that they have accused of making a mess of the schools.
The school board has also filed a complaint against the principals and administrators union, arguing that the union has been acting in bad faith. That same union voted no confidence in Vargas in January.
Is anyone beginning to see a pattern here? Or a least a vicious circle?
Why do we even need a school board that has nothing but a history of failure behind it? They are the ones who hired the equally unsuccessful string of superintendents who have left the schools worse than they found them.
The answer is simple: politics.
The school board is elected by the voters, who are told that it is their right to elect the school board that has made Rochester's schools the worst in the state. Any attempt to dismantle the school board would be depriving citizens of their right to vote. That's undemocratic, perhaps even racist.
Playing on the fears of the voters in this way has resulted in the continued existence of a school board whose mission is to insure that they will hold their seats for as long as they want them, no matter how shitty they and the superintendent make the public schools.
It's a sad state of affairs for those parents who can't afford to send their kids to private schools or move out to the suburbs with better school systems.
Who cares if Vargas stays or goes? Or if the school board does?
Of course, what the school board might really be worried about is finding a competent superintendent who might suggest that the voters shitcan the lot of them. That would be a change from the superintendents they have hired in the past who let them do whatever it is that they claim to do.
For them, it's best that everything remain the same.

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