Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mayor Warren's infomercial is a political ad.

The official line from City Hall is that it is not. The infomercial proclaims positive progress in the City of Rochester.
Courtesy of Mayor Warren.
Taxpayers aren't paying for this infomercial. The cost was covered by Mayor Warren's campaign war chest and/or the PAC she set up.
PACs ( Political Action Committees ) are usually created by outsiders and special interest groups to promote the election of politicians favorable to their agendas. They are considered unethical, but legal.
In 2013, the PAC created by Warren's "brother," lobbyist Scott Gaddy, created quite a stink prior to the Demagogic primary election. Warren disclaimed any knowledge of PACS and of how they work.
It is gratifying to know that she is a quick study, learning about PACS and then creating her own, if she was telling the truth in 2013. That's a big if.
The mayor's personal assistant, Tracey Miller, already has a weekly radio show on WDKX, the black radio station, to glorify her. Nobody outside of the black community listens to it. She needed to broaden her audience.
Clearly, the mayor is running for something, hence the ad.
But for what?
The 2017 election for mayor is more than a year away. The 2015 election propelled two of Warren's deadliest enemies, ex police chief Jim Sheppard and the notorious Molly Clifford, into positions where they could challenge her that year. The mayor finds it necessary to get her propaganda out now, since she can count only on the unequivocal support of the Black Demagogues, especially after pissing off the Establishment Demagogues by not supporting Sandra Frankel's bid for county executive this year.
It is also rumored that Warren has federal aspirations.
Octogenarian Demagogic sacred cow Lulubelle Slaughter is seeking yet another term in Congress in 2016. She was almost defeated by Republican Mark Assini in 2014, who is also running again for her seat. Mayor Warren has made it clear that she owes the Establishment Demagogues nothing, and could easily throw her hairpiece into the race, challenging Lulubelle in the Demagogic primary.
There is also New York State Senator Rich Funke's seat up for re election in 2016.
Funke is a rookie in Albany. Warren lives in the district Funke represents. Neither of the two Demagogic parties has a viable option to Funke as of yet.
I believe that Warren won't try to run against Slaughter or Funke. Running against Lulubelle would only serve to again piss off Establishment Demagogues in the county. Her strength is in the ghetto, not in the largely white, Republican dominated suburbs beyond Rochester's borders. Moreover, if Warren were defeated by the Republican Assini in that race, the Establishment Demagogues would blame her for the loss of that particular congressional seat.
As for Funke's seat, it doesn't have quite the status that Lulubelle's does, and the mayor would take a huge pay cut if she attempted it.
Warren can't be stupid enough to attempt it, although her overwhelming ego just might trump her common sense.
She would probably lose those races if she attempted them. And it would also mean that she could be beaten in the 2017 race for Mayor.
Along with her campaign ad, Mayor Warren also had a popularity poll conducted at her own expense. The results were not released, which suggests that her popularity is slipping.
I repeat: Warren's infomercial is a campaign ad, to garner support beyond the black community for her re election campaign in 2017.
She is counting on most people believing anything that they see on television.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Vargas, Urbanski AND the School Board should all go.

It seems odd that Adam Urbanski, head of the Rochester teachers' union, is blaming the resignation of Superintendent Bolgen Vargas for chaos that has supposedly and suddenly erupted in the city's schools.
That chaos has been going on for a very long time.
Perhaps Urbanski never noticed.
Urbanski is now demanding Vargas' immediate dismissal, as though that will change anything.
Urbanski isn't asking for the dismissal of the School Board, the third component in Rochester's shitty public school system. He can't. Equally moronic voters keep putting them back lamenting the sad state of affairs in the city schools at the same time, reinforcing the definition of stupid.
Which is why Mayor Warren herself won't entrust the education of her child to them. No intelligent parent of some means would.
The urban poor have no such choice. They must send their children to schools that prepare most of them for nothing but low paying jobs and lives of crime, since most never make it through school. Most of Rochester's school children are functionally illiterate, whether they graduate or not.
That's hardly a selling point for Rochester.
As for Urbanski picking on Vargas, that also seems odd. They have so much in common.
Neither are native born Americans; neither has ever learned to speak English properly; both came to America at about the same age, although decades apart; both have been less concerned about Rochester's schools or the kids than they have been about feathering their own nests.
As for the School Board, they have a comfortable part time job that will do until a more lucrative political position opens up for them. That is why the incumbents usually run for re-election and win, thanks to the incredibly stupid voters and bleeding heart liberal media who insist they need to be there, never mind their abject failure.
It is all bullshit. People have been brainwashed.
Vargas should have gone long ago. So should have Urbanski. Since the School Board won't voluntarily fall on their own swords, that body needs to be eliminated entirely.
That's right. Send all of those bastards packing. They've had their fun.
I am no great fan of Mayor Warren, but I believe the time has come to institute mayoral control of Rochester's schools. She couldn't do any worse than these so-called professionals have been doing for the last forty years. And she already has Allen Williams on staff to act as her chancellor.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Looks like John Parrinello just can't stop exposing himself to the public.

John Parrinello, Rochester's eccentric attorney, is suing the Town of Gates over his arrest for patronizing a prostitute in a sleazy motel there last summer.
Parrinello claims that he did no such thing and that the arrest violated his civil rights.
Since when is picking up a hooker a civil right?
He hasn't yet gone to trial on that charge, but after a few shits and giggles about it, the public had forgotten about it. It was funny, but not really important or earth shattering.
Until now.
Any sensible public figure caught in this fashion would have protested but taken his lumps like a good little boy, paid the fine, accepted a sentence of a few hours of community service and gone on with his life.
But not John.
Parrinello is a notable media hog. Since Playgirl and Blueboy magazine weren't insane enough to feature him in a photo spread and centerfold after his bust, he found it necessary to continue to expose himself to public view in this fashion. He likes to see his name in print.
It will be interesting to see if the Town of Gates rises to Parrinello's threat and drops the charges against him.
And why aren't the media rushing out to interview the hooker Parrinello met in that motel that Sunday in August? That's something they do best.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

We must never give in to terrorism.

Nor must we give in to hysteria.
The deadly terrorist attacks in Paris by ISIS were the products of monsters using the excuse of religion to carry out their evil designs.
Hundreds of millions of Muslims probably find these actions abhorrent and fear repercussions to themselves as a result of a relatively few maniacs murdering innocent people at will in the name of god.
Maniacs are everywhere, in every country, practicing every religion. Even in our own.
Common sense dictates that we must understand not everyone of a certain race, religion or nationality is pursuing evil.
But common sense is uncommon. Even in this country. And plenty of our fellow Americans are blaming all Muslims for this atrocity, which is plenty stupid.
Sadly enough, the western powers were largely unconcerned about ISIS as long as they confined bringing Hell on Earth to their own neighborhood. They seemed more outraged by ISIS destroying antiquities than slaughtering human beings. Now they are outraged, because this attack occurred in one of the great capitals of the world, Paris. In the west.
That is typical of human beings.
The international community must band together and never give in to terrorism. They should seek to smash it and punish only the perpetrators. We should not lump all Muslims together with these criminals, any more than we should blame all Christians and Jews for evil undertaken by some members of those religious communities.
And I am in favor of the death penalty for those caught and convicted of terrorist attacks where innocent people died.
If they committed their crimes in the name of their god, shedding innocent blood in the process, let us send them to meet their god all the more sooner.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The reason for the piss-poor turnout in the election.

People were bored. There was no local campaign exciting enough to rouse people out of their apathy to get out and vote. When most candidates run unopposed, or lacking any serious opposition, what point is there to go out and vote?
In the City of Rochester, the primary election in September determined the winners for November.
Rochester is owned by the Demagogues. The Black Demagogues and the Establishment Demagogues slugged it out in the primary, leaving their candidates with exactly what they had before, guaranteeing victory in their respective areas.
Not too many voters would be needed to confirm it, so not many voters bothered to show up at the polls.
The suburbs did a bit better, but not much.
There, the Republicans hold control and the few blasé Demagogic challengers fell by the wayside.
The race for County Executive might have brought more voters out had it been more interesting, only it was deadly dull.
Sandra Frankel's campaign was a lackluster repeat of her failed 2011 bid for that office. Her unimaginative campaign managers and the perpetual lack of unity among the Demagogues did more to damage her chances of victory than did the understated tactics of her Republican challenger, Cheryl DiNolfo.
DiNolfo knew all she had to do was wait while the Demagogues gave Frankel enough rope to hang herself.
Effective but boring.
Even Rochester's liberal newsrag, the D&C, found it necessary to endorse DiNolfo. That decision probably cost their editorial staff a few nights' sleep, but it would allow them to pretend that they are impartial.
Now, the D&C finds it necessary to castigate the voters for the low turnout, ignoring their own hand in producing the voter apathy prevalent in the area.
Having done their damnedest to promote their own liberal agenda by usually endorsing only candidates who are politically correct ( that is to say Demagogues ), they helped to eliminate Republican interest in campaigning in the City of Rochester.
That effectively made the primary the factor in determining the winners two months hence, eliminating the need for a massive turnout at the polls in November.
On the other hand, Republicans control the county towns and even the D&C's scolding didn't produce many viable Demagogic candidates there.
Party stalwarts or people with personal axes to grind against certain candidates came out to vote. That was it.
Third party candidates usually don't get more than a few hundred votes, which doesn't have an impact on elections, but sometimes helps preserve the illusion of democratic choice.
And in contested races, meaning between Demagogues and Republicans, nobody was saying "Come out and help elect the best candidate." It was "Come out and support the Demagogue or Republican," depending on the voter's party affiliation.
Which is really what both parties want. Neither party machine is impressed with the ideals of representative democratic government.
The D&C ought to quit its bitching, because it isn't, either.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jamie Romeo was last night's biggest loser.

Jamie Romeo, the stupid little girl who became the MCDC's chairperson a few months ago, was the biggest loser in this year's elections.
She sat bewildered on the sidelines while the Establishment Demagogues and the Black Demagogues slugged it out between them, allowing the Republicans to emerge victorious, refreshed and re- energized.
Under her impotent stewardship, the two Demagogic parties are deadlier enemies to each other than the Republicans are to them.
This profited the Republicans enormously. The Demagogues were barely able to hold what they had.
It was this Demagogic split that led directly to Cheryl DiNolfo's defeat of Sandra Frankel by a considerable margin. Romeo was unable to unite the Demagogues to help Frankel defeat DiNolfo.
Mayor Warren, the highest ranking Demagogue in Monroe County, went so far as to refuse to endorse Frankel, for numerous reasons I expressed in previous blogs.
If Romeo was unable to heal the breach between the two factions, she was also incapable of imposing her authority on either of them. The Black Demagogues ignore her completely. The Establishment Demagogues pay lip service to her being chairperson while they, too, ignore her and go their merry way.
The only thing Chairperson Romeo has been able to accomplish with gusto is to sit in a chair, while the continuing chaos within her party swirls about her ears. She is irrelevant. Yesterday, that was made clear to anyone who cared to look.
It makes Jamie Romeo the election's biggest loser, and certainly proves she is ill-equipped for her job.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dick Beebe, the three time loser.

Establishment Demagogue Dick Beebe was defeated yet again by incumbent Fred Ancello for LD 6's county legislature seat.
That's twice in four years Beebe's been defeated by the man he insultingly referred to as a fishmonger.
In between those defeats, he lost the race for Greece Town Supervisor to porcine Republican Bill Reillich.
That brings up the tally to three defeats in four years.
That has to be a record among the Demagogues.
And even there, Beebe is a loser.
The Green Party's Alex White has been beaten four times in the last four years.
Beebe ought to realize that he is past it and find a different hobby.

A final word on Yversha Roman, Molly Clifford's LaShana Boose.

Yversha Roman failed to recapture LD 26 for the Establishment Demagogues tonight. She was handily defeated by Republican incumbent Tony Micciche.
Micciche has hardly been effective as a leader, but at least he knew how to campaign. And walk.
Nobody ever heard of Roman before, just like nobody ever heard of LaShana Boose before this year.
Roman was the creation of the notorious Molly Clifford and social butterfly Elaine Spaull.
They dragged her out of the ghetto, dressed her up, created a biography for her and even gave her a job to make her more palatable to voters.
Moreover, they expected her to win merely because of the numerical superiority of registered Demagogues in LD 26.
That didn't work.
Nor did reinventing Roman.
To quote the great black god, Obama: "A pig with lipstick is still a pig."
Maybe the next time she runs for something, she and her goon squad will realize that slashing her opponent's tires and vandalizing his property won't win her any votes.
Or maybe not.
You can take a stupid little girl out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of a stupid little girl.

The results of tonight's election means nothing will change in the Rochester area.

Andreas Rau compared tonight's election to the trench warfare of World War I.
After the smoke and poisoned gas cleared, and tens of thousands of bodies were moved out of the way, the battle lines had hardly changed at all.
So it was with tonight's election results.
Everyone had what they started out with before.
The Republicans still have the County Executive's office and dominance in, though not complete control of, the Monroe County Legislature.
Rochester's Black Demagogues held their own in the ghetto, while the Establishment Demagogues kept what they had, too.
The only exception to this is District Attorney Sandra Doorley. Originally starting out as a Republican, she first won election to that office as a Demagogue, only to convert back to the Republicans and win re election tonight under that party's banner.
The battle is over for this year.
And nothing has changed. Or will change. There is complete deadlock.