Saturday, January 24, 2015

A wholly unsatisfactory conclusion to Mayor Warren's Facebook scandal.

Mayor Warren's newly appointed head of communications closed the book on her Facebook scandal yesterday.
James Smith ruled that Mayor Warren didn't make the statements about the homeless that were attributed to her on her Facebook page in December.
He ruled that the numerous staffers who had the access code to her page didn't do it, either.
He further stated that the IT experts couldn't find the culprit.
Nobody knows who did it.
This is bullshit.
Smith's statements are almost verbatim quotes of Mayor Warren's comments, who conducted her own "investigation" in December.
He is being paid to repeat what the mayor has already said. That's why she hired him.
What was the point?
It is doubtful that Mayor Warren is actively involved in her Facebook page. She is a busy woman, and has paid staffers to do it for her.
But we are not supposed to know that.
Those half a dozen or so paid staffers are among her nearest and dearest. If they don't share her idioms, they are at least familiar enough with them to duplicate them.
Moreover, most of her staff are paranoid about any criticism of the mayor. The remarks made on Facebook reflect their Nixon White House mentality, and are completely plausible.
I believe the mayor knows who did it.
That's why she resorted to the lie that her Facebook page was hacked, and why Smith has effectively ( or ineffectively ) reiterated her claim.
Had the guilty party been exposed and punished, it would have been reported in the media in a second.
It would also have confirmed the widespread belief that the mayor doesn't answer everything sent to her.
Most elected officials don't, either, but Mayor Warren and her cheerleading squad like to claim that she does.
The outcome of Smith's investigation has not restored the mayor's credibility. That ship sailed last year, never to return.
It did produce a new policy regarding city employees.
When commenting on social media, they must identify themselves as city employees, and that their comments are their own, and not to be confused with city policy.
Or else, what?
None of the mayor's crew would dare to openly make statements criticizing her policies. Their 6 figure incomes would be at jeopardy.
As for the new head of communications: James Smith is best known for having beaten the rap for his involvement in the Robutrad scandal a few years ago.
That, too, came to a wholly unsatisfactory conclusion.
Smith has found his spiritual home in the Warren Administration.

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