Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Update on the Silver scandal.

It looks like Joe Morelle will get what he has schemed and scammed for.
Sort of.
Morelle will be interim Speaker until February 10, when there will be an election for a permanent Speaker.
Silver will step down as Speaker at that time while remaining a part of the Assembly.
Morelle didn't get enough support from downstate Democrats for the permanent appointment.
Downstate politicians control New York State Government.
Several downstate Democrats have already entered the fray to become permanent Speaker.
It looks as though Morelle isn't as influential as he thinks he is.. He will have to content himself with play acting at being Speaker for two weeks.
He won't be content with that.
What of the local Assemblymen?
Morelle's ally, Harry Bronson, said that Morelle would be a wonderful choice for permanent Speaker.
Bronson, like Morelle, was also in bed with Silver.
David Gantt, Morelle's worst enemy, has remained silent. At least the media hasn't reported his opinions on the matter.
What is clear is that Gantt couldn't prevent Morelle's temporary appointment as Speaker.
Gantt really doesn't cut much ice outside of Rochester's ghettoes, where he reigns supreme as power broker in the black community.
It is also clear that Morelle will attempt to make his appointment permanent.

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